HubSpot Releases Major Services Hub Revamp

HubSpot's Service Hub has long been a trusted and user-friendly platform for nurturing and expanding your customer base. As of the Spring Spotlight release yesterday, the latest version of Service Hub takes things to a whole new level, utilizing cutting-edge AI-powered tools to enhance customer experiences like never before.

Here's a quick summary of what was added: 

  • Brand New Help Desk
  • Team Management Features for Enterprise Support Teams
  • Omnichannel Communication Tools
  • AI Assistant for Support Reps
  • Self-Serve AI Tools for Customers
  • Customer Success Workspace

Read along for more details on the major changes that you need to be in the loop about:

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If you want to build a customer-centric company that's focused on increasing value and growth for customers, it's important to meet and exceed customers' expectations. The best customer support comes from humans using high-quality, intuitive technology to help scale the impact of each support rep and the solutions they identify for their customers.

Copy of ServiceHub_Shared-inbox

HubSpot's latest consolidated HelpDesk workspace integrates automation and bots with all of your marketing and CRM data, creating an end-to-end customer experience that helps retain happy customers. 

          ✔️ Tickets & conversations in one place

          ✔️ Real-time ticket updates.

          ✔️ Organize, search, and filter with ease with an improved discovery experience. 


When you have a small handful of team members, sometimes you can get away with everyone just “knowing” the company’s processes.

But as your customer base and product suite grow, you will have an ever-widening range of queries and customer issues to resolve. This means that constantly optimizing how you prioritize those conversations is of fundamental importance. 

HubSpot's latest Service Hub innovations empower teams to maintain optimal staffing levels and deliver consistent, personalized support experiences to customers even when demand fluctuates. 

         ✔️ Improved SLA customization for any Ticket property. Raise the bar for reporting, coaching, and alerting.

Copy of Advanced SLAs

         ✔️ Capacity and skills-based routing to ensure tickets go to the right support rep at the right time.

        ✔️ Workforce management native settings + APIs for the User object. Set availability and automate support                      team scheduling.


In today's reality, customers want the freedom to craft their own path through a company's touchpoints.

However, if they're forced to stay in one lane or start over each time they switch, it can really put a damper on their experience and might even prevent them from reaching the point of purchase or ticket resolution. 

HubSpot's Service Hub facilitates an effort ominchannel experience for customers, one that is more more time and cost-effective than allocating all agent manpower to traditional channels. It effectively passes the bulk of the operational burden from agents’ shoulders to technological systems.

          ✔️ Calling for large support teams, built into Help Desk. IVR phone trees & simultaneous ring for up to 100                       agents. 

          ✔️ In-app messaging to help customers where they need it. 

          ✔️ “Bring your own” messaging channel. Integrate any messaging channel via API.



There’s a revolution afoot for how machine learning supports customer service.

Copy of AI Assistant

HubSpot recognizes the constraints of relying solely on AI and virtual assistants to manage customer interactions, especially when customers crave compassionate and considerate support from human agents. With that in mind, HubSpot has developed a platform that enables collaboration between humans and AI. This approach not only reduces the burden of repetitive tasks but also enables human agents to focus more effectively on resolving complex issues.

          ✔️ Real-time AI reply recommendations based on ticket context to speed up time-to-reply.

          ✔️ AI call & conversation summaries to assist with warm transfers and ticket reassignment.

          ✔️ Multi-language AI to maximize rep efficiency, especially for multi-region customers



The best support ticket is the one that doesn't even need to exist.

Instead of asking customer service reps to put out every fire, some customers want to find their own solutions whenever possible. The latest iteration of Service Hub makes this effortless — empowering customers to access information, perform tasks, and find solutions to their queries or issues without requiring direct assistance from a service agent. 

Gartner's findings reveal that resolving an issue exclusively through self-service can result in cost savings of 80 to 100 times compared to a live interaction, even if the resolution journey involves only one step. So dive into HubSpot's AI agent and self-serve tools to enable customers to get their own answers without live agents.

          ✔️ AI Chatbot that responds to customers, creates tickets, looks up KB articles, and resolves tickets.

          ✔️ Improved Knowledge Base editing. Solving for community ideas with more than 600 upvotes.

          ✔️ Multiple Knowledge Bases to scale content for multiple brands, or just to keep internal articles separate. 

Copy of AI Chatbot


Copy of Customer Success Workspace

Understanding what your customers need and want is intrinsic to your business’ success.

The Customer Success workspace allow your business teams to gain a deeper understanding of how your customers think and feel about your products and services. By knowing this, you’re able to build deep customer empathy beyond understanding what they need, but exactly why they need it.

          ✔️ Manage a book of business and drive proactive customer value right inside HubSpot. 

          ✔️ Customer health scores. Identify churn risk, and prioritize outreach. 

          ✔️ Product usage integrations. Sync product usage data through custom events. Report on usage changes                       over time.


Even though the Spring Spotlight event put the Service Hub in the limelight, users can still look forward to a number of notable updates across different HubSpot modules. If you'd like to see what else was released with the Spotlight, check out our post on that right here!

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