Custom Business Solutions

Have a unique business process that needs custom-built integrations or programming? You’re in the right place!



When Do You Need a Custom Solution?

Feeling like your business needs a sales, marketing, and/or customer service solution that just doesn’t fit in the box of a standard CRM, marketing automation software, or ticketing system?

If you have a complex business process then you require an Enterprise-level business solution. That means you need an implementation partner who can work with you to evaluate, strategize, develop, build, test, train, analyze, and manage a custom solution. 

How Does it Work?

Since this is a fully custom solution – the process will be fully custom as well.  But we do have a couple of standard steps that you’ll go through once we identify that you are in need of a custom project.  

  • Complete a Discovery Project 
  • Scope Your Custom SOW 
  • Development and Deployment

Custom Solutions Pricing


Discovery Project

The first step in any custom project is discovering your requirements.

$5250 + Scoped Project

Why Do You Need Discovery?

We require all clients who engage in a custom business solution with us to start with a discovery project so we can understand your unique business process, what specific tools will be required to implement your solution, how complex will the programming be, and more. The goal is to make sure that you and your team are getting exactly what you need from the solution we program.

What’s Included
  • Gather Business Requirement 
  • Gather Tech Stack and Data flow Information 
  • Develop Strategy and Implementation plan 
  • Recommend any licensing required

Inbound Marketing Strategy and Implementation

Up to 100 hours to implement a new and improved Inbound strategy.

$15,000 + Scoped Project

This Project is For You If . . . .

This one is pretty straightforward – this package is for you if your business needs help with creating and implementing an Inbound Marketing strategy to generate and nurture leads from your website and other digital sources. Businesses that have a small or limited marketing department (sometimes just one person) who can write content, manage analytics, etc but need additional support in creating the full marketing strategy to run with are a good fit.  

What’s Included

When you get this custom package, the entire strategy is customized to your business requirements, marketing process, industry, and more. But there are few standard steps we’ll always take, including:

  • Audit current digital marketing strategy and assets 
  • Strategy for Inbound elements accoding to best practices 
    • Lead Gen  
    • Lead Nurturing 
    • SEO/SEM 
    • Content  
    • Marketing Automation  
  • Implementation in HubSpot Portal

Data Cleansing

Cleaning and optimizing data for import into a CRM.

$5,000 - $18,000 + Scoped Project

This Project is For You If . . . .

Contact or company records that are messy and unorganized mean you could be facing problems with the integrity of your data. This can have a negative impact on your marketing and sales activities, cause issues with your lead/customer happiness, and make your analytics inaccurate.

What’s Included

Data cleansing is an in-depth task that can include different elements depending on exactly what optimization and cleaning your data requires. But generally, here are just a few of the important tasks:  

  • Bulk de-duplicate contacts, companies, or deals 
  • Apply consistent formatting across data 
  • Create data associations and label 
  • Standardize inputted fields (I.e. free-type to dropdown) 
  • Apply automations for ongoing data hygiene


Creating a non-native integration for two systems.

$190/hr + Scoped Project

This Project is For You If . . . .

f you’re using HubSpot and require an integration that is not part of the app ecosystem of native integrations, or if the native integration exists but doesn’t meet your needs to complete your business process, a custom integration is the right fit. If you don’t have HubSpot but do have two platforms with open APIs that would like to connect, we can also help with that. 

If you’d like to learn more about the different types of integrations we can build, including HubSpot to NetSuite integrations and more, you can read more here.

What’s Included

Our integration programming is entirely customized for your requirements and the two systems but there are a few steps we always take once the discovery is completed including:  

  • Data-Mapping 
  • Program Integration in Sandbox 
  • Testing and QA 
  • Training 
  • Move Programming to Production 
  • Program Post-Integration Actions 
  • Additional Testing and Training as Required 

Other Custom Solutions

Any custom business solution that requires development or consulting.


What Other Custom Solutions are Available?

There aren’t really any limits to the kind of custom solutions we can work on. Our goal is to work with you to find a unique solution that will fit your businesses needs and help you to achieve your revenue potential. That being said, here are a few different custom solutions we’ve worked on before:  

  • Large or Complex Data Migration 
  • Content Management System  
  • Database Solutions 
  • Sales and Marketing Consulting


Interested in a custom business solution? The best place to start is with a consultation from our team of experts. Reach out today to get started.