HubSpot Sales Implementation

Bring automation and efficiency to your sales process and enable your sales team to do more, collect better data, and automate your processes with Sales Hub and a trusted HubSpot partner.



Close More Deals With HubSpot Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is a CRM and Sales software designed to help you automate tasks, gain useful insights into opportunities and rep productivity, and close more deals.

Sales Hub helps align your sales team around a streamlined process that will keep them working efficiently and spending less time on data-entry/admin tasks and more time on what they do best – selling. 

Some of the most popular HubSpot Sales tools include: 

  • Pipeline and Deal Stage automation and tracking  
  • Email and call integration and tracking 
  • Detailed forecasting 
  • Sales email sequences
  • Meeting scheduling 
  • Sales playbooks 

How Does Our Sales Hub Implementation Service Work?

Our HubSpot enablement packages are designed to help you start seeing an ROI for the platform as soon as possible while still ensuring that the tools are programmed to suit your unique business processes and allow your team to increase efficiency in their day-to-day sales process. All of this happens through our signature staged approach.

It’s as simple as 3 steps:  

  1. Establish a Sales Portal Foundation
  2. Add Advanced Features and Automations
  3. Customize Your Implementation with Add-Ons 


To ensure your HubSpot always stays as efficient as possible, even with new updates and features, Flawless offers all clients Free Lifetime Support post-implementation (read more below). 

Sales Hub Implementation Pricing


Sales Hub Implementation

Give your sales team the tools they need to sell better.  

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*Bundle pricing available. See below for more information.
Step 1: Sales Hub Foundation

The first step in the Sales Hub Enablement process is getting your essential sales process up and running in HubSpot. That includes making sure your portal is properly set-up and that your team’s sales process is programmed into the pipeline (don’t have a defined sales process or want to optimize yours first? There’s an Add-On for that!). Here are some of the critical points involved in the foundation step:  

  • HubSpot Account Setup 
  • Establishing Basic CRM/Sales Functionality 
  • Data Migration 
  • Training and Support 
Step 2: Advanced Implementation

The second step in a Sales Implementation with Flawless is enabling the advanced features and tools that are designed to help maximize your HubSpot ROI potential. These are the features that will take your essential sales process and add efficiency, automation, and analytics to the team’s everyday processes.  

Each of these tools will be custom programmed for your specific needs and business process. Here are just some of the advanced tools:  

  • Sales Automation and Workflows 
  • Tasks and Notifications 
  • Lead and Deal Scoring 
  • Sales Playbooks 
  • Forecasting and Advanced Reporting
  • Training and Support 
Step 3: Customize with Add-Ons

Every business is unique – that means every sales team has unique needs from their CRM. If there’s something you need programmed or consulted on that isn’t a part of the regular two-step implementation package above, don’t worry – we can still program it for you. At any time during the implementation, you can choose from a variety of customizable add-ons for your package to ensure you’re getting the exact implementation you need. Here are just a few add-on options:  

  • Native integration programming 
  • Sales email content 
  • Sales chat bot development 
  • ABM tools programming 
  • Quoting and payment tools
  • Custom objects
  • Sales consulting and solutions 

Bundle Pricing

To help you get the most value from your partnership with us, we offer various discounts for bundling your implementation with our HubSpot Managed Services. That way you save on costs and get 1-2 years of support, optimization, content, and more post-implementation.

We highly recommend all of our implementation clients also get post-implementation support so you can be sure your team can continue getting the most value from their new platform. For more information on SpotOn, visit our Managed Services page here.

Need More Customization? 

If you have a highly-advanced or customized sales process requirement that doesn’t fit the standard implementation. OR if you’re in need of a more advanced add-on like a non-native integration, we can still help! Check out our Custom Business Solutions page to get started on this path.  

Maintain HubSpot Success with Free Lifetime Support

HubSpot is constantly updating and adding new features. It’s critical to keep up with these, and how they impact your usage of the software, to ensure a maximum ROI on the platform.  

To ensure all our clients enjoy continuing success with HubSpot, Flawless offers Free Lifetime Support, up to 1 hour per month, for all implementation projects. Here’s how it works:  

  • When your project completes you will leave one of our HubSpot Implementation Specialists as a User on your dashboard 
  • You submit one support request per month for a task taking 1 hour or less* 
  • If you do not have a support request, every month we’ll review all new tools, feature usage and let you know what updates you can use to improve your HubSpot usage! 

If you need more support than the 1 hour per month provided, check out our SpotOn HubSpot Managed Services packages! 

*Meetings with the Flawless team will not be available as part of the free lifetime support.  

Why Choose a HubSpot Partner for Sales Implementation

Setting up a new CRM can be a challenge – not only do you want to make sure everything is technically set up correctly, but you also need to ensure you have planned the right training and testing to get your sales team onboarded to the new software quickly and effectively.

You need an experienced partner who can help you with: 

  • HubSpot enablement for your unique business process
  • Strategy and planning for process implementation
  • Custom programming
  • Integrations 

At Flawless, we’ve completed more than 250 HubSpot projects, plus we use the platform ourselves. Every day. So you can trust that we know what we’re doing when it comes to HubSpot enablement for Sales Hub. 


Interested In a HubSpot Sales Implementation?

We start every project with a consultation so we can make sure we get to know your business and your needs and make the right recommendations. Reach out today to get started with yours.