Achieve Digital Transformation with a Website Build or Migration using HubSpot's AI-Powered Content Hub



About HubSpot Content Hub

HubSpot Content Hub is designed to be as user-friendly as possible for marketing teams to update while still providing powerful design tools for website developers and at the same time maintaining a secure platform to keep all your data secure.

Here are a few features that make Content Hub a great choice:

  • Website, Landing, and Blog pages 
  • AI-powered content and design and SEO tools 
  • User-friendly design tools like drag-and-drop editor
  • Video and podcast hosting
  • 24/7 security monitoring and threat detection  
  • Serverless functions for developing interactive features
  • Dynamic content to personalize pages

How Does Our CMS Implementation Work?

Our web designers and developers will work with you to create a modern, user-friendly design that captures your brand’s identity, helps convert new leads, and improves your overall customer experience. If security concerns or upkeep requirements cause issues with your current site, we can help you migrate onto HubSpot. Plus, if you need a custom solution (like a customer portal), our development team can also help you with that.

All of our CMS implementations consist of 3 essential steps:  

  1. Existing website/content audit
  2. Website build
    • Choose from a variety of different packages to suit your need
    • Customize your package with Add-Ons
  3. Training and Support

CMS Development Pricing


Website Builds

Choose from three different levels of website functionality to suit your requirements.

Starting at: $18,000

Standard Website Build

Up to 15 pages designed and branded for your company with standard site functionality. 

The standard website project includes the following:

  • Up to 15 pages and 2 templates 
  • Standard functionality.  
  • Basic Website SEO 
  • Training and Support 

If you’re a company with a set of standard services who doesn’t have (or doesn’t need) complex functionalities on your website this could be the package for you. This CMS project works great for companies who are new digital marketing or who just want to keep the basic functionalities that are working for you with a design facelift. 

Professional Website Build

Up to 25 pages with pieces of customization to provide some advanced functions and design.

The pro website project includes the following: 

  • Up to 25 pages and 5 Templates
  • Up to 2 Advanced functionalities
  • Up to 10 Custom Graphics Elements.
  • Up to 2 Native integrations.
  • Website and on-page SEO
  • SEO Optimization of Provided Content
  • Training and Support
If your organization has a standard website that you are looking to upgrade to provide more value to your visitors and improve the customer journey on your site this could be the package for you. We suggest this build if your website is getting old and needs functionality or design upgrades to stay relevant and modern.
Enterprise Website Build

Up to 50 pages built with advanced customization to ensure a functional and modern website.

The Enterprise website project includes the following:  

  • Up to 50 pages and 10 Templates
  • Up to 3 Advanced functionality. 
  • Up to 25 Custom Graphics Elements.
  • Up to 5 Templates 
  • Up to 2 Native integrations.
  • Website and on-page SEO
  • Training and Support 
This package is the right choice if your company requires a highly customized website or advanced functionality for graphics, form submissions, etc. This is a recommended option for those with complex business processes who need to upgrade an already-existing website for design or UX 
Add-Ons for Customizations

Every business is unique - that means every website is unique too. If you have some specific requirements which are not included in the build project, you can choose from a variety of add-ons, like the ones below:

  • Blog Migration 
  • Templates 
  • Implementing HubSpot Payments 
  • Advanced Automations  
  • Additional Training 

Or, if you're looking for something a little more, like eCommerce or a Customer Portal, check out our other website build packages below. Bundles are available!


Custom Portal

A custom-built portal for your clients with login capabilities.


This Build is For You If . . . .

If your business requires a client portal with login capability this is the package for you. If you are upgrading your website and looking to upgrade or add a new portal you can add this package in addition to the website package of your choice. If you already have a website but want to add a portal for additional customer capabilities it can be designed to match your website template.

What’s Included
  • Up to 10 pages and 2 templates 
  • Custom Functionality 
  • Membership Login Functions 
  • Up to 1 Custom integration 
  • Training and Support

ECommerce Website

A website designed for your online store with all the eCommerce functionalities you need.


This Build is For You If . . . .

If you need an online store, the eCommerce package is for you! This build is recommended whether you have a current store and are looking to upgrade your eCommerce functions or platform or if you are just adding eCommerce functions to your website.

What’s Included

In addition to the regular website development process, starting an eCommerce project with Flawless includes additional discovery work to understand the features and functions of your ideal store.  

Then, we’ll need to develop those eComm functions including:

  • Products List  
  • Cart Functions 
  • Checkout Functions 
  • Payment and Processing 
  • Required eCommerce Automation and Workflows 
  • Refund Processing

Once the functions and strategies are in place, we can proceed with developing your eCommerce website (this may be just the store portion which will connect to your regular site, or depending on page number requirements, this can be your entire website). Here’s what’s included:

  • Up to 10 pages and 2 templates 
  • Custom Functionality 
  • Membership Login Functions 
  • Up to 1 Custom integration 
  • Training and Support



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