Who We Are

How a small, (proudly) Canadian consulting company became a trusted Advanced Implementation team.

Who is Flawless?

Flawless Inbound is a technology implementation and RevOps partner. Powered by GSI.inc, we bring advanced HubSpot, NetSuite and custom business solutions to clients across North America. But more than that, we’re made up of a team of motivated individuals interested in delivering creative, effective solutions for clients in various industries. It’s our goal to help not just our clients but also our team members grow by fostering an environment where everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow in their career each and every day.  

At the heart of our operations is our culture code: THRIVE.  



This code defines how we operate. Firstly, it defines the work ethic of our team members. Secondly, it defines how we provide services to our clients. Everything we do internally and for clients should be done with integrity, humanity, and vision with the ultimate goal of achieving transformation to bring results – and we always want to gain education and experience while we’re at it.  


Who is GSI?

GSI (GetGSI.com) is a forward-thinking organization that aligns and optimizes your digital footprint with your business goals. We combine our deep business and industry experience with our expert knowledge of enterprise applications, automation, cloud and cybersecurity to deliver secure and flexible systems that allow your business to thrive and not just survive. 

Our mission is to make every customer a client by offering competitively-priced, fully-customizable products and services, providing only the most experienced consultants, and delivering the highest level of service day-after-day, year-after-year. To accomplish our mission, GSI will continue to build on a corporate culture that attracts and retains the most creative, the most energetic, and the most experienced professionals in the business.

The Flawless Inbound Story (So Far)

We're learning and growing every day - here's how we got to where we are today.


Flawless Inbound began in 2014 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada as a management consultancy. But as we started helping our clients, we identified something very interesting: there’s a huge challenge in the marketplace when it comes to execution on the problem of growing a company.  

This gap was no more apparent than in the sales, marketing, and service divisions of growth-hungry companies. This find prompted us to expand from management consulting by growing a nimble team capable of pulling together valuable skills and experience to execute implementations in these three divisions.  


We first became a HubSpot Partner Agency. We’ve seen the platform grow and evolve along with our company, and our talented team of HubSpot Implementation technologists have learned and grown along with it.


As our team continued to grow we moved into our new (current) office in Edmonton fully focused on Inbound Marketing. We started running webinars and in-person events teaching local business owners how to align Sales and Marketing departments, use their CRM effectively, run campaigns, and grow their businesses. 


We, along with pretty much every other company in the world, were struck by the numerous challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the world of business changing, and so much uncertainty in the world we begin working from home. Despite the challenges, we turned our attention to helping businesses that were not exclusively running their processes online and began helping to implement HubSpot solutions that would allow their teams to run as effectively online as they did in the office. 


2022 was a year of some big, exciting changes for Flawless. We completely revamped our solutions and services to make sure we were delivering the best possible services to our clients. We started hosting in-person events in Edmonton, Toronto, and Vancouver. Then towards the end of the year, our biggest announcement yet: Flawless Inbound was acquired by GSI.inc. This new partnership will give our clients even more potential services, including advanced NetSuite implementations and integrations.  

We Believe in Betterment

Bettering ourselves, bettering our communities — and of course, bettering our businesses. 

Flawless Inbound is committed to ensuring that our team members have all available opportunities to grow in their careers. To us, that means not just providing opportunities to advance inside the company but also making sure the team is happy and healthy. That's why we offer our team benefits like: 

  • Health Benefits
  • "Me" Days for Personal Health
  • PD Days for Career Development
  • Fitness Challenges
  • Team Building Activities
  • Much More

Sound like a team you'd like to be a part of? Check out our Career Opportunities. 

We Believe in Revenue Operations

Revenue operations has been a buzz word for a while now so we can’t say that we’ve been doing it by name since we began. But, we can say we have been doing in practice. Even before we were implementing HubSpot for our clients we were emphasizing the importance of department alignment for generating, tracking, and analyzing revenue.  

We believe that businesses grow when they focus on the right platforms, processes, and people for each of their sales, marketing, and service departments (and beyond) - and we know we can provide the strategy and technical implementation to help them do it.  

Let’s Get Talking! 

There’s nothing we love more than welcoming new companies to our proven methodology and getting to work on discovering all the ways we’re able to help. Well, welcoming new fabulous team members is pretty high up there too.  

If you like the sound of Flawless Inbound, use the following form to reach out to us. Whether you’re looking to us for help growing your company, or you want hop aboard and be part of that growth engine yourself, we’re always ready to find out just how great a fit we can be!