Digital Solutions: HubSpot for Non-Profit Organizations

When not-for-profit organizations first came on the scene in North America, their primary goals were to serve the community without capitalizing on the misfortune of others. Since then, non-profits are responsible for arts and culture initiatives, providing relief for those experiencing homelessness, support for disabled folx and a myriad of programs which meet community needs. 

With all the important work that non-profit organizations are engaged in, digitization and operations projects often fall to the wayside because the front-line work is so critical. But, as the world becomes more digital, you might find that you’re struggling to connect with the community you serve due to a lack of digital marketing and online customer service or that you’re facing internal strife due to disconnected or manual CRM and fundraising systems.  

For you to do the valuable work you do effectively, it might be time to consider moving to a user-friendly, cloud-based CRM platform. One such platform you might find in your research is HubSpot.  

But what can HubSpot do for non-profit organizations specifically? Let’s see: 

Better Donor Tracking and Customer Relations Management System 

You are in good company if your non-profit has a small fundraising team. You might even be the only member of your team that is responsible for fundraising, and keeping up with the donors you have is difficult enough, much less follow-up with potential donors and seeking out new ones!  

If you’re here, you already know that using Excel Spreadsheets or a paper-based management system is simply not sustainable for keeping track of your members, donors and stakeholders long-term. Don’t get me wrong, it worked for a while, and sometimes you just need to use what you’ve got at the start. But now, your organization is growing, and you want to make sure to prepare for that growth and show your community that you respect their information and time by providing consistent and relevant communication, protecting their information in a secure database, and personalizing interactions with them to cultivate meaningful relationships. 

Nurturing these relationships takes the right Customer Relations Management System (CRM) so that you follow up and keep in contact with donors, building more sustainable donor relations management.  

Budget-Friendly Solutions 

Whether your funding comes from your municipality, federal government or a collection of grants and donors, not-for-profit organizations like yours are beholden to a budget that leaves little room for frivolous purchases. HubSpot meets your needs with cost-effective solutions and tiered pricing for non-profits on a shoestring budget.  

 BudgetFriendly- HubSpot CRM for non for profit- Flawless Inbound

HubSpot offers pricing packages to fit every budget and features to match! What are some of the features to explore? 

  • Email Automation: Email marketing is overwhelming and exhausting without the right tools. With HubSpot’s Marketing Hub, you can leverage your small team to do big things with A/B Testing, scheduled emails, and smart content that tailors emails to different groups. 
  • HubSpot Academy: Have you ever had a platform that you were excited about, but the learning curve was so steep? This can be frustrating, especially if you are a marketing team of one! HubSpot has a whole library of resources and certifications to give you the best tools for every marketing, sales and service hub task.
  • Workflows: What is a workflow? Workflows organize your donors, stakeholders and interested parties to send them only relevant communications by answering a couple of simple questions. Providing relevant, timely and pertinent information to your prospects and donors creates better connections and information flow from your organization to the community you serve. 

Reporting to Your Board and Executive 

We know that you must report to the board, and it can be difficult to answer the questions that come up, especially if your board members are not experts in communications, marketing or CRM use. HubSpot offers user-friendly reporting tools that allow you to pull data from email campaigns, webpage analytics, revenue reports, and so much more.  

BoardMeetinng- HubSpot Reporting made easy for non for profit- Flawless Inbound

Imagine being in a board meeting and being able to answer an off-hand question from a board member with concrete numbers on the spot! This will build confidence with your board and eliminate the slog through useless reports and information to get the stuff you really need. 

The same goes for reporting internally to your executive director or leadership team. Proving increased website traffic, for example, can be a compelling statistic to show the success of a community advocacy project. Or, maybe, you need to show the different click-through rates of a Christmas fundraising campaign year over year to see which achieved the best results. Whatever reporting you're looking for, you’ll find it with HubSpot.