HubSpot Marketing Implementation

Set your marketing team up for success by enabling them with automation to run campaigns, nurture leads, track and analyze data, and more with Marketing Hub and an experienced implementation partner.


How it Works

Our HubSpot Marketing Implementation packages are designed with our signature four-phase approach to success. The goal is to get your team up and running using the system as soon as possible – while still ensuring that the tools are set up correctly for your unique marketing process.


Get Started with Essentials Implementation: 

The Essentials Implementation is intended to set up your portal, synch or migrate your data, and prepare the activities you need to properly begin using the platform. We start with the general HubSpot setup tasks (like importing your data) and then get hub-specific. With the Marketing Hub, this essentials phase includes building custom templates for emails and landing page, setting up lead capture forms, creating a blog, planning an email drip campaign for nurturing your leads, setting up reports, and more.  


Review Progress with Testing and Training

The goal of this phase is to give your team time to get to know the tool, while identifying the advanced implementation items you need for Phase 3. During this phase we’ll provide training and a custom set of goals for your team to achieve. Plus, we’ll go ahead and make any simple optimizations or changes you need during this time. 


Scale Up with Advanced Implementation 

Once you’ve got your HubSpot portal set up, and your team is comfortable using it – it's time to bring out the advanced tools. We’ll take all of the necessary advanced Marketing Hub features we identify with you doing Phase 2 and program them for your unique business process. These can include lead scoring, advanced reporting, integrations, additional campaign assets, and more. 


Keep Growing with Ongoing Support 

To ensure the continued success of the new implementation, the final phase of our project will be HubSpot support. We’ll be able to make small adjustments, offer additional training, and keep your marketing team on the path to success. 

But Why Marketing Hub?  And Why Do I Need a Partner?

Bring Automation and Traceability to Your Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing can present a challenge if your team is using a plethora of different tools to run their campaigns and tracking their results manually. This can mean your team ends up spending more time on data-entry than they do running campaigns. Not to mention when Marketing is all manual and disjointed, there’s typically a distinct lack of connection with Sales and Customer Service departments, meaning you’re at risk for losing valuable leads, and won’t be able to take advantage of the benefits of a Revenue Operations (RevOps) strategy.  

Thankfully, using a full-featured Marketing Automation Platform, you can solve these pain points and more. HubSpot Marketing Hub has a vast collection of user-friendly tools you can use to automate your digital marketing campaigns and get deep-dive analytics on everything you do. Plus, with the use of Sales or Services Hub and/or integrations to your other systems, you can accurately align all of your departments around mutual goals and shared data.

Ensure Proper Implementation with a Trusted HubSpot Partner

Implementing a Marketing Automation Platform is a big undertaking – even on a platform as user-friendly as HubSpot. You want to ensure that your team is enabled to use the platform effectively, with all the customizations for your unique business process, while still completing the set up in a timely manner. Your best option to do that is to work with a HubSpot Implementation Partner. Good thing you’ve already found one! 

We won’t mince words – when you’re choosing a partner, you need to look to one with experience and a proven process. At Flawless, we’ve completed more than 200 HubSpot Implementations for our clients. Plus, we use the tool ourselves. Our automation strategists and HubSpot technologists can help your Marketing team get set up with the platform so that it works just the way it should for your marketing process and aligns with your other departments and technologies to keep revenue top of mind.  

Interested in a Marketing Implementation?

The best place to start is a consultation with a HubSpot partner. Reach out today to get started with yours.