HubSpot Services Implementation

Ensure you’re delivering customer happiness while bringing automation and improved analytics to your customer service team with Services Hub and a trusted implementation agency. 


How it Works

Our HubSpot Services Implementation packages are designed with our signature four-phase approach to success. The goal is to get your team up and running using the ticketing system as soon as possible – while still ensuring that the tools are set up correctly for your unique customer service process.  


Get Started with Essentials Implementation: 

The Essentials Implementation is intended to set up your portal, synch or migrate your data, and prepare the activities you need to properly begin using the platform. We start with the general HubSpot setup tasks (like importing your data) and then get hub-specific. With the Services Hub, this essential phase includes setting up your ticket stages in a pipeline, building ticket-intake forms for your customers, creating email templates, programming reports, and more. 


Review Progress with Testing and Training 

The goal of this phase is to give your team time to get to know the tool, while identifying the advanced implementation items you need for Phase 3. During this phase we’ll provide training and a custom set of goals for your team to achieve. Plus, we’ll go ahead and make any simple optimizations or changes you need during this time.  

Scale Up with Advanced Implementation

Once you’ve got your HubSpot portal set up, and your team is comfortable using it – it's time to bring out the advanced tools. We’ll take all of the necessary advanced Services Hub features we identify with you during Phase 2 and program them for your unique business process. These can include building a knowledge centre, playbooks, contact scoring, NPS automation and more.


Keep Growing with Ongoing Support 

To ensure the continued success of the new implementation, the final phase of our project will be HubSpot support. We’ll be able to make portal adjustments, offer additional training, and keep your services team on the path to success.

Why Services Hub and Why a HubSpot Partner?

Align your Customer Service Team with Sales and Marketing for a unified Customer Experience

When organizations start to think about strategies to increase revenue, they often first focus on their Sales department, or on getting new leads through Marketing. While that is a great revenue operations start, those organizations are missing a critical piece of their strategy: Customer Service.  Your customer service department plays a critical role in revenue generation – and keeping delighted clients happy is one of the most effective strategies to scaling up (existing customers are 60% more likely to convert again than new leads). 

The best way to make sure your service team is efficient, effective, and aligned with your other departments is to implement user-friendly ticketing software. With HubSpot Services Hub you not only get the standard services tools like a ticketing pipeline, ticket submission forms, emails, and support surveys, you can also get a knowledge centre with a customer login, a support chat bot/live chat, and more. 

Ensure efficiency and alignment in your implementation with a dedicated partner

Interested in implementing HubSpot Services Hub? Setting up your portal(s) on your own can be a challenging undertaking. If you want to ensure an effective and timely set up, the best option is to work with an experienced HubSpot partner. Good thing you’ve already found one!  

We pride ourselves on being experts in the field of HubSpot Implementations – and with our four-stage process, we can ensure your Services Hub is properly set up for your unique ticketing and customer service process, and you have all the reporting you need to understand the success of your services program. Plus, we’ll make sure the tools are programmed in a way which aligns and integrates with your other departments to get you set up for optimized revenue generation. 

Interested in a services Hub Implementation?

The best place to start is a consultation with a HubSpot partner. Reach out today to get started with yours.