HubSpot Quick Start Packages

Get your team's sales and marketing automation up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible with a Flawless, cost-effective, customized HubSpot implementation package. 


Kick-Start the Flywheel with HubSpot in a Matter of Weeks

When you're just getting started with implementing the flywheel model in your organization, the prospect of setting up an entire CRM for sales and/or marketing automation can be daunting. If you want to give your flywheel a faster, more efficient start there is a solution. Get your team started in HubSpot using the most essential tools for your business process as quickly as possible so they can start the flywheel spinning while you continue to work on the enablement of additional features. It’s as simple as that.  

With your team working with the tools they need to add automation, efficiency, and analytics to their day to day, you can start improving processes (and seeing results) asap.  

Which Department are you Looking to Kickstart First? 

Why Choose HubSpot?  

For Sales Leaders - whether your sales team faces unnecessary friction trying to work with excel and emails as their CRM and sales tools, or you’re dealing with inefficiencies in your sales process due to too many repetitive, manual tasks, you might be struggling to get reliable, usable data from your sales activities.

HubSpot’s user-friendly, intuitive Sales Software can be the solution you need to:

  • Remove friction in your sales and marketing alignment
  • Automate processes in your pipeline to increase efficiency
  • Provide valuable analytics to help you make smart business decisions

For Marketing Leaders - whether you’re struggling to accurately track the success of your marketing campaigns due to disjointed systems, or your marketing team is spending too much time manually sending emails to nurture leads, your leads may not be converting into customers at a desirable rate

With HubSpot’s user-friendly marketing software you can:

  • Save time and increase the efficiency of your marketing team with automated campaigns and workflows
  • Obtain accurate data to make smart business decisions
  • Personalize your content for more effective conversion.

Why Choose a Partner Implementation? 

Ready set up HubSpot? Great – the first step is understanding what license fits your needs and your growth plan. We start by helping you plan and acquire that license. Then, once you’ve purchased the software, it is time to implement.

At Flawless, we understand that your business process is unique, and that means your technology implementation should be just as unique. We know you have limited time to configure a successful implementation (you'd rather have your team do what they do best than spend time enabling and testing software).

Considering all of the above, we've designed our Quick Start package specifically to:

  • Let you choose the tools which are most critical to your business process to be set up first 
  • Ensure your team is well-equipped and trained to use the tools as quickly as possible 

Sales Hub quick start Package

Price: $3,000 CAD | Timeline: 3-4 weeks

What's Included:

  • HubSpot General Setup 
  • Your choice of a set number of essential Sales Enablement goals 
    • Choices can include: pipeline programming and automation, sequencing emails, sales chat bot, custom dashboards and reports, integration programming, and more.  
  • Training sessions 
  • Customized guide to recommended HubSpot Academy training and resources

Marketing Hub Quick Start

Price: $4,000 CAD | Timeline: 4-6 weeks

What's Included:

  • HubSpot General Setup 
    • Choices can include: building marketing assets, lead nurturing strategy and programming, campaign automation, custom reports and dashboards, integration programming and more.  Your choice of a set number of essential Marketing Enablement goals
  • Training sessions 
  • Customized guide to recommended HubSpot Academy training and resources 

Interested in a Quick Start Package? 

If you’re ready to get started with a customized HubSpot partner implementation we’re ready to start working with you! Reach out with the form and we’ll be in touch soon to kick off.