Using HubSpot to Manage Donations and Improve Donor Relations

HubSpot for Non-Profit Organizations 

We know that non-profit organizations like yours thrive off donations and consistent donors. Whether you have a marketing department or are a one-person operation, it can be hard to maintain donor relationships while amping up donations from outside of the regulars.  

Building a donor base not only raises funds for your organization but also to continue involvement in the community you serve, which is why it’s so important to create communications strategies that are engaging, personal and advocate for donations. Without a good Marketing Platform and Customer Relations Management System (CRM) it’s difficult to maintain relationships with a growing number of donors. So how can HubSpot and Flawless help?  

Managing Donations 

You know best what donations your organization needs and where to get them but tracking them and collecting donor information is a whole other beast. If you have an excel spreadsheet or even a paper tracking system you are in good company, the reality is that many nonprofits are tracking donations and donor contact information with systems that make you work harder than you need to.  

So, what does HubSpot offer? 

  1. Data Organization: Though an Excel spreadsheet might do part of the job, it does little more than keep a record that is lengthy and difficult to decipher. Even if you’re using an online payment method that tracks transactions, your data is still segmented between platforms and not doing all that it can for you. 

    Data Org

The power of streamlining data means saving your time and being supported with better information. Imagine being able to pull reports on monthly donors rather than building the report yourself. You’ll save hours and be able to focus on strategizing for your next campaign instead of being bogged down in collecting information about the last one. 

  1. Safe and Secure: You want your donors and donations to have their data kept in confidence to build community trust. HubSpot is a trusted source to store your contacts data, so you can rest easy knowing that your community’s information is safe and secure with you, from transaction data to email addresses.
  2. HubSpot Resource Library: From fundraising to community forums, HubSpot is full of helpful resources for non-profits on tracking donations and donors to support marketing efforts for future fundraising projects. No matter what you are trying to do there is a blog, webpage, case study or community forum to help you along the way!

Managing Donors 

Whether you are trying to grow your donor base or develop a better communication strategy with your current contacts, having a good Customer Relation Management (CRM) system can help you make the most of your database. Why? 

Better organized Contact Data 

HubSpot CRM is user-friendly and uses multiple methods to collect contact data so that you get the best information about your donors, both current and potential.  

Segment Your Donors 

By using tools like website forms, you can collect pertinent information from your contacts for your marketing. Segmenting your donors and contacts allows you to personalize things like your email campaigns with contact lists and smart content. 


Donor Reporting & Forecasts 

One of the great things about a good data collection system and strategy is the ability to monitor trends and forecast. Whether it’s your fundraising campaigns year over year or predicting annual rise in regular donors, you’ll be able to leverage donation data to create consistency for your non-profit!  

Grow Your Donor Base

By using personalized email automation paired with fundraising data, you can give your community of potential donors the information they need at the best time rather than swamping them with generic emails, increasing your engagement and community impact. 

How Flawless Inbound Can Help? 

Flawless is here to help you with your HubSpot implementation with HubSpot Implementation solutions and Custom Integrations.  

QuickStart helps you to get the hub of your choice up and running in a matter of weeks, complete with training for your staff and focusing on priority tools of your choice 

Custom Integrations are just what they sound like: personalized solutions for your website that serve your unique needs! If you’ve been looking for a solution that you can’t find, chat with us today about solving your problem with a custom integration.