Unlocking Growth: Insights from the Pavilion CMO Summit 2024

In the ever-evolving world of marketing and sales, staying ahead of the curve is non-negotiable.  

Last month, I had the privilege of attending the Pavilion CMO Summit, a gathering of revenue leaders sharing invaluable insights and strategies. From innovative models to eye-opening statistics, the event was a goldmine of knowledge.  

Here's a recap of my key takeaways that can revolutionize your approach to revenue optimization in 2024.

The 6-Dimensional Success Model by Latané Conant

Latané Conant, CRO at 6sense, introduced a groundbreaking framework - the 6-Dimensional Success Model. This holistic approach, akin to a "bowtie" strategy, identifies crucial areas for revenue growth. She pinpointed areas where problems may exist.

It's essential to understand the market and then craft your revenue plan.

This is often overlooked because everyone assumes someone else is handling it. She broke down the strategy as such:

  • Creating demand - primarily through Marketing.

  • Capturing demand - a step that is sometimes neglected.

  • Managing opportunities - a task for the Sales team.

  • Growing your customer base - a crucial yet often overlooked aspect.

Conant stressed the importance of accountability and recommended focusing on one key action in each area to move closer to your goal. She also emphasized the power of prospecting, making it a team effort, and even dedicating special days like their PG Tuesday for call blitzes. 

Ajay Manglani’s Two-in-a-Box Strategy

Ajay Manglani, CMO at Kognitos, unveiled the Two-in-a-Box strategy, a dynamic approach to synergizing roles across revenue teams. Examples include:

  • PLG + ABM 
  • Field Marketing + Sales 
  • Partner Marketing + Partner Ecosystem 
  • Demand Gen + BDR 
  • Customer Marketing + Customer Success 

This strategy fosters agility and maximizes efficiency, essential elements for revenue optimization.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey with Jen Spencer

Jen Spencer from Smartbug stressed the significance of understanding the buyer’s journey and refining Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) through lead scoring. By aligning prospecting efforts with the buyer's needs, organizations can enhance lead quality and retention. Spencer's emphasis on personalized engagement resonated as a cornerstone for sustainable growth.

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Panel Discussion on AI and Use Cases

This panel discussion delved into AI's transformative potential in marketing and sales. From content generation to strategic alignment, AI offers unprecedented opportunities for revenue optimization. The importance of aligning AI adoption with organizational goals was highlighted, emphasizing the need for strategic implementation and continuous education.

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Ali Jawin, Liza Adams, Paul Roetzer, and Carilu Dietrich for generously sharing their valuable insights. 


Uncertainty and Risk Aversion in Buying Groups: Insights from Victoria Albert

Victoria Albert, VP of Marketing at INFUSE, shared compelling statistics revealing the evolving landscape of buyer behavior.

  • 70% of the sales cycle now occurs before you're even aware of it.

  • The average size of the buyer committee ballooned from 4 to 7 last year.

  • 83% of buyers initiate the first move.

  • And 84% of those initial moves result in a win.

Albert's insights underscored the importance of proactive engagement and strategic positioning to mitigate risks and seize opportunities.

Marketing Orchestration with Matt Heinz

Matt Heinz explored the challenges of marketing program execution and offered practical solutions for streamlining operations.

These are some of the most common market bottlenecks that surface:

  • A lack of integrated tools and platforms
  • Insufficient data quality and consistency
  • Limited collaboration and communication among team members
  • Inadequate budget allocation for marketing initiatives
  • Misalignment of strategic goals

By identifying and addressing these bottlenecks, organizations can optimize resource allocation and enhance efficiency. Heinz's emphasis on orchestration resonated as a strategic imperative for driving impactful marketing initiatives.


Kathleen Booth, SVP of Marketing & Growth at Pavilion, led a session on career development for marketers and the evolving landscape of fractional roles. Joined by industry leaders including Jenn Steele, CEO & Co-Founder of Stealth Startup, Andrea Kayal, CRO of Help Scout, and Nicola Anderson, Mentor at ScaleWis, the discussion unveiled eye-opening insights.

The session highlighted the increasing trend of fractional C-suite and VP roles, particularly accelerated by the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it was brought up that this career path isn't suited for everyone; it requires exceptional organizational skills, time management, and the ability to seamlessly transition between projects.

Winning with Messaging: Insights from Peep Laja

Peep Laja, with his great sense of humor, showcased how almost every company misses the point of their messaging. He emphasized the importance of addressing what buyers are seeking, aligning with Victoria Albert's recommendations on becoming the first choice and the winner.

This is achieved simply by answering the three questions every buyer is asking on their journey:

          a. What do you do?

          b. Do you solve my problem?

          c. How are you different from the competition? 

Executive Expectations: What Investors Expect from CMOs in 2024

In our final session, Kathleen led a discussion on the expectations investors have from CMOs in 2024, featuring insights from Gary Survis, Operating Partner at Insight Partners, and Rani Hublou, Executive Director at Vista Equity Partners. The consensus highlighted three key areas:

  • The importance of measurable KPIs to demonstrate marketing effectiveness and ROI.
  • Knowledge of issues and potential blockages within the organization's marketing strategies.
  • A commitment to ongoing action and adaptation to drive sustained growth and success.


The Pavilion CMO Summit offered a wealth of insights and strategies to optimize revenue in 2024. From innovative frameworks to practical solutions, the event underscored the importance of agility, collaboration, and strategic alignment in navigating the evolving landscape.

Here are some strategies to optimize your 2024 growth outcomes:

1. Get to Know Your Ideal Customer 

  • Build your ICP based on your success stories; it is foolproof.
  • Focus on the messaging your ICP is seeking 
  • Showcase your success stories to attract the attention of prospects in the 70% of the sales cycle that occurs before you even know about it.

2. Implement Automation & AI To Uncover Efficiencies In Your Lead Management

By automating routine activities such as lead scoring, nurturing, and follow-up, you can optimize resource allocation and focus on high-value tasks. AI-driven analytics provide deeper understanding and predictive capabilities, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and even adapt strategies for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. 

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3. Untangle Your Marketing Bottlenecks With An Accountability Chart, Processes, And Coaching.

Untangling your marketing bottleneck involves establishing clear accountability through an accountability chart, implementing streamlined processes, and providing coaching to optimize performance.

You want to create efficient workflows, clarify responsibilities, and actually empower team members to overcome challenges and achieve strategic objectives.

4. Dive Into Intent Data, Map Out Your Buyer’s Journey, Score Those Leads, And Grade Every Opportunity.

Navigating intent data allows for a deeper understanding of buyer behavior so you can precisely map the buyer’s journey and master lead scoring. By grading every opportunity, you can prioritize efforts, personalize outreach, and maximize conversion rates for optimal sales outcomes.

5. Craft Powerful Demand Generation Assets

They need to address the three questions every buyer seeks answers to:

  1. What you do,
  2. How do you solve your ICP's problems 
  3. How you compare to your competitors 

These assets serve as valuable tools for capturing attention, nurturing leads, and ultimately, driving revenue growth.

6. Invest in your CSX (Customer Service)

Nurture your client base by demonstrating appreciation, providing delightful experiences, and fostering partnerships; they serve as your brand advocates and can drive up to 60% of your revenue.

  • Move beyond the Growth at All Costs (GaAC) era; establish sustainable growth and Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies based on the bowtie model.

  • Align your Marketing and Sales efforts with Customer Experience (CX) to gain insights and visibility across your revenue model.

  • Allocate time to optimize the right side of your bowtie:

    • Enhance Sales Handoff processes.

    • Improve Onboarding procedures.

    • Provide ongoing support and value to customers.

By incorporating these insights into action, organizations can drive tangible growth and thrive in an increasingly competitive market. 


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