Top 8 Game-Changing AI Tools Announced by HubSpot During Inbound 2023


It’s the two letters heard ‘round the world: AI.  

No doubt, artificial intelligence has completely revolutionized the landscape, fundamentally changing the industry from its core. HubSpot has also embraced this revolution by introducing an impressive array of AI tools at their annual conference, all ready to be launched in the near future. As they enter the market, these tools are poised to not just change sales and marketing strategies for most companies but to permanently reshape the very essence of how businesses operate.  

Keep in mind that HubSpot's AI toolkit hasn’t been crafted to replace existing roles within your organization; rather, its purpose lies in eliminating mundane, time-consuming tasks that prevent you from fully capitalizing on your potential. They have been cleverly designed to spark innovation among your workforce and ensure your business's resilience against common obstacles and economic fluctuations. 

Without further delay, let's dive into the AI capabilities HubSpot introduced at this year's Inbound conference, keep reading for more about our Top 8 Game-Changing Tools: 

  1. Subject Line Generator
  2. Website and Landing Page Builder
  3. Social Copy from Blogs
  4. Content Ideas with SEMRush Data
  5. Image Generation
  6. Report Generation
  7. Workflow Descriptions
  8. Conversations Inbox Summary

Keep in mind- these are just the technical tools. We'll be diving further into the more complex AI updates (like Campaign Assistant and ChatSpot) shortly so stay tuned to our blog for more!

1. AI Subject Line Generator 

Content writers can now efficiently produce email subject lines for campaigns using HubSpot's AI-Powered Subject Line Generator, which leverages email insights and best practices to generate three subject lines based on the content of the marketing email. By automating this process with AI, you can focus on other critical tasks such as content creation, management, and optimization. 

2. AI Website Builder 

The AI-driven webpage builder simplifies the choices faced by website creators during the design phase. Catering particularly to HubSpot's CMS Free users who are at the beginning of their journey and lack familiarity with establishing a basic website, this functionality leads users through a sequence of standard questions related to their business. Then, it employs generative AI to generate a straightforward, one-page website, content included, acquainting them with the foundational aspects of website creation within the HubSpot framework. 

HubSpot AI Website Builder

Don't Need a full website? The new tools can also build you a custom landing page complete with content and layout. Plus, you can use the handy image generator (see more below) to add pics where AI suggests. 

No matter whether you create a website of an LP, you can (and should) always use HubSpot's drag-and-drop editor to customize and personalize your pages!

 3. AI-Generated Social Copy (also from Within Blog Editor) 

Sometimes, social media content creation feels seemingly endless, and the monotony of reposting identical content across all platforms can rapidly become tiresome. This AI function enables you to seamlessly produce social posts - either directly in social or right within the Blog Editor. This way, you can effectively optimize your team's time, even when you need to manage large volumes of content for your company or clients! 


4. AI-Powered Content Ideas for Blog with SEMrush Data 

Writer's block got you down? Happens to the best of us. Turns out, a walk in the park isn't always the secret solution. What you need right now are ideas, and you need them now.  

That's when HubSpot’s AI Assistant steps in. Powered by ChatGPT and keyword data from SEMrush, this tool makes it easy to generate blog post topics, suggested post titles, descriptions, and outlines. All you do is: 

  • Simply enter a description of a broad topic you are interested in getting more ideas about. 
  • HubSpot will provide more specific ideas that may resonate with your audience. 
  • HubSpot will score topics for how easy they are to rank for and how popular they are on Google search to help you maximize results. 

5. AI Image Generation 

If you work in marketing, you’re all too familiar with the pain of selecting the more accurate images for your content, all while ensuring they’re compelling enough to capture attention. Don't even get us started on those stock photo disasters! 

Fortunately, HubSpot’s Image Generation tool creates images according to a given prompt or based on the context of the task. Plus, you enjoy the added benefit of innovative and unique images, often presenting unconventional combinations that designers might not have thought of. If you want to create visuals that resonate with target audiences and enhance engagement, this is the way to go.  

 6. AI-Generated Reports 

Creating reports, especially custom reports, can be incredibly time-consuming and difficult. Using the new Generated Reports tool, reporting is now easier and faster than ever – all you have to do is ask a simple question, and the platform will produce the turnkey report you need to make key business decisions. What's more, the tool gives you the ability to add and revise descriptions for individual reports, offering an explanation of their contents, their relevance, and the questions they provide answers to. 


7. AI-Generated Workflow Descriptions 

Working with HubSpot customers, we often notice that they struggle to grasp why certain workflows were created and what they're meant for. HubSpot’s AI Assistant makes it easier than ever to understand and summarize what a workflow is doing and what its purpose is. Now, users will be better positioned to not only create workflows themselves but also deliver highly personalized and timely interactions to leads and customers throughout their journey. 

8. Conversational Summary 

One of the most innovative AI functionalities introduced by HubSpot during the conference was the conversational summary in the Inbox.  

Basically: in active threads across different communication channels, conversations can now be neatly summarized within comments. This smart feature generates a snapshot of the conversation's flow, granting inbox users a quick overview of the discussion's context, and saving them from scrolling through each individual message. Just imagine: those hours you lose mindlessly sifting through emails could soon be back in your pocket – we can’t wait. 


What's next? 

While those are our Top 8 AI features, it's not a full picture of everything available. HubSpot's new AI tools also include: 

  1. Email Content (for marketing and sales)
  2. Meta Descriptions (we used it for this blog!)
  3. Blog Content
  4. And More to Come

Interested in adopting these AI tools and functionalities? Don’t wait any longer.  

Our team is fully ready with a comprehensive action plan that will swiftly integrate AI capabilities into your platform. Count on us to review your platform, implement necessary adjustments, and produce efficiency gains in real-time. Get started by registering for our Inbound recap webinar (if you're reading this after Sept. 20, 2023, you can still access the webinar recording at this link)!
 *All images via HubSpot