INBOUND 2023: A Look at HubSpot's Latest Innovations and Features

Phew, Day 1 of Inbound 2023 was a wild ride! 

Just as we anticipated, HubSpot has brought forth a bundle of exciting updates that we're thrilled to share with you. Among these announcements, you'll find a wealth of new product releases, platform upgrades, and tool optimizations. Trust us when we say that these developments go beyond mere change; they're poised to revolutionize your CRM experience from the ground up. Even more exciting, they'll significantly boost your sales and marketing endeavors, giving you and your team the freedom to focus on innovation and crafting truly exceptional customer experiences!

So, no need to keep you waiting any longer! Let's dive right into the most exciting reveals from Day 1 of Inbound and explore how these game-changers can make a real difference in your business's day-to-day:


Needlessly to say, HubSpot has made its generative AI innovations known in a big, big way. 

In addition to sweeping improvements impacting your content management function, you can also expect AI-powered forecasting, image generation, reporting, workflow descriptions, website building, landing pages, ads, and more! What's more crucial is that this is a pathway for you to capitalize on insights gained from AI and redesign your infrastructure and integration to better scale customer experiences! 

Specifically in marketing, you will be able to leverage a combination of AI and relevant data from your CRM to qualify customer and prospect lists, thereby enabling more effective development (and prediction!) of ideal customer profiles.

Here are some other functions you'll be able to do with AI:

  • Create AI-generated content for social media, blogs, landing pages, subject lines, and more (pictured below)
  • Use Campaign Assistant to generate assets for campaigns based on simple inputs and campaign goals
  • AI-generate reports through simple inputs 
  • Leverage AI to generate custom images based on a prompt or context
  • Generate AI-powered responses to customer inquiries or edit existing or generated text by rewriting, shortening, expanding, or changing the tone of selected text.

We're only scratching the surface of what HubSpot has in store for you - keep an eye out for additional AI-powered tools on the horizon!

HubSpot AI excellence


You heard it right! HubSpot's Sales Hub is about to undergo some changes, and we assure you, their impact will be evident from the very start.

At its core, the upcoming Sales Hub brings together all your sales data, tools, and teams into one cohesive platform, making the adoption and automation of time-consuming tasks incredibly straightforward. This empowers your sales team to invest more time in genuine customer interactions and meeting their broader objectives. Here are some high-level changes coming to Sales Hub:

  • Prospecting workspace (pictured below)
  • Lead management
  • A/B testing in sequences
  • Sequence analytics & reporting
  • Meetings improvements
HubSpot Sales Hub 2023 refresh

Similar to marketing, generative AI is about to make a mark on sales - as there are immense opportunities for generative AI to interpret, learn, link, and customize personal interactions. HubSpot is also taking steps to alleviate administrative burdens, for example, by deploying AI to help salespeople write emails, respond to proposal requests, organize notes, and automatically update CRM data.

DID YOU KNOW 💭 HubSpot's artificial intelligence technology also has the potential to gauge customer sentiments from emails, conversations with salespeople, posts on social media sites, and more? Reach out to us to give this a go!


Inbound 2023 Smart CRM Slide

From Day 1, it was abundantly clear that advancements in AI and digital technology are gearing up to redefine CRM across departments for years to come! But HubSpot is going the extra mile to transform your CRM into a Smart CRM that connects all of your engagement Hubs with a singular AI-powered system of record, 
Now, you can unify, enrich, and de-duplicate customer data across traditionally disparate data sources. Everyone within your company has a single source of truth for customer data, which helps reduce errors, lags in service, and frustration. Whether you want to enhance lead generation, predict future sales trends, build predictive models to forecast customer buying behavior, or create influencer campaigns — expect your CRM to work far more intelligently and adapt to your unique needs.


Customizable CARDS

When it comes to the current CRM - new customization features will enable developer teams to customize the cards that appear in the center panel of your contact, company, and deal records to show exactly the information you need. The 8 data components you can use in your custom cards to visualize your data include:

Property Lists, Association Property Lists, Association tables, Association Pivots, Stage Tackers, Quick Actions, and the most exciting of all; reports.

This way, they can build richer, more interactive extensions to improve the overall functionality and user experience for their teams.

HubSpot will also be releasing a CRM Record Page Editor (pictured below) - a single interface for configuring record pages, so you can capture the right data in the right place at the right time. You can edit/add/remove tabs easily and configure cards in a single location, and you can even create certain card types without a developer. In essence, this new feature guarantees that individuals and teams see data that is only pertinent to their respective roles.

HubSpot Customizable cards

NEW COmmerce HUB

HubSpot is giving its commerce tools a new home – Commerce Hub. In this updated packaging, you'll find many features that are already quite familiar to you, such as:

  • HubSpot payments
  • Quotes
  • Payment Links
  • Automated Billing
  • Products Library

There are some fantastic fresh additions on the horizon for this Hub, so be on the lookout!

Want to learn more? tune in to our recap event

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