INBOUND 2023: 5 Key Features of the New Commerce Hub

The latest Hub is in town! 

Inbound week buzzed with so many updates and announcements that it'd be easy to miss the fact that HubSpot has introduced a fresh addition to their suite - enter the Commerce Hub.  

Essentially, HubSpot is reorganizing its commerce tools within a dedicated hub, ensuring they are easily accessible to both customers and prospects. As a result, the Commerce Hub includes many of the features you're already familiar with, but there are also some exciting innovations on the horizon that will enhance your financial experience with HubSpot. 

Now that Commerce Hub is rolling out to users worldwide, let's take a moment to summarize its key features and advantages: 

*Note: CommerceHub (and payment links/payments processing) is currently only available in the US.

Stripe Payment Processing 

Commerce Hub now offers flexible payment processing through your existing Stripe log in, allowing you to seamlessly and quickly collect money from your customers within the HubSpot CRM without worrying about relying on HubSpot Payments. So, if you’re already using Stripe as your processor and can't make the switch to HubSpot Payments, you'll still be able to leverage HubSpot as your source of truth for all commerce data. 


Image provided by HubSpot


Exciting news - HubSpot payments merchants can now create native invoices from Contacts, Companies, Deals, or Quotes to speed up their sales process and reduce the risk of human error. Not only are these payable via HubSpot payments (both ACH and Credit Card) and Stripe payment processing but they can also be marked as paid manually if payment is received outside of HubSpot payments, such as wire transfer, check, PayPal, or others. 

The best part is the ability to unify your invoicing, payments, and quoting within a single platform alongside your CRM, all the while cutting the time needed to request payment from your buyers. 


It’s now easier than ever to adopt HubSpot’s commerce features and ensure they easily integrate into your existing accounting system. 

You can integrate your HubSpot platform with the finance software your team already uses, like QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, and Chargebee. If you use Quickbooks, sync payments collected in HubSpot to your QuickBooks Online account to facilitate easy financial reconciliation. Payments can even be synced as paid sales receipts or paid invoices based on your needs. 


Image provided by HubSpot

CPQ Tools 

HubSpot’s flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use CPQ tools — configure, price, quote — can generate and send quotes with just a few clicks. 

Instead of dealing with a tangled web of mismatched systems, these tools make selling easy by streamlining the quoting process from creation to approval, to close. What’s more is that they don’t require training, meaning your team can generate accurate, on-brand, customized quotes effortlessly, with the help of robust templates and eSignature capabilities. 

Payments Link 

With Payments Links, you can sell one-time products or services directly to customers via email or chat, website pages, or forms. Simple payment links can be created quickly from a CRM record or tailored to your needs from the payment links index page. 

All you do is share the link, and the customer will be brought to a checkout page where they can review their purchase and enter their credit, debit, or ACH information. After making their purchase, both you and the buyer will receive notifications confirming their payment. Speed up your payment process, while creating billing experiences your customer will love! 


While Commerce Hub is fresh and open to many potential developments, don't underestimate the impact it can have on your daily operations!  

Ultimately, HubSpot's Smart CRM features empower you to manage your commerce activities directly within the customer platform. By consolidating quoting, payments, reporting, and customer data in one place, you'll gain access to comprehensive insights and automation tools to facilitate your growth. Furthermore, the great news is that Commerce Hub seamlessly integrates with your current payment gateway and accounting tools via Stripe and QuickBooks integrations. 

We've been hitting the books to understand Commerce Hub, and we're excited to share what we know during our Post-Inbound Recap session. We'll be demoing the fantastic tools unveiled at Inbound and sharing tips on how to make the most of them for some quick wins! It's going to be a lively session, so be quick to reserve your spot. Also, if you have any specific topics in mind for our next webinar, please give us a shout – we're all ears!