HubSpot's Exceptional ROI

So, you’re considering HubSpot. 

That's fantastic! You’ve probably read about many of the different features and Hubs that make up HubSpot. But when it comes down to it, you want to know how HubSpot stacks up and what kind of return you’ll get for your investment. 

We have the information you are looking for! Let’s break it down hub by hub: 

Marketing Hub 

According to the 2022 HubSpot ROI Report, Marketing Hub users saw an average 113% increase in website traffic over 6 months. With an increase like that over such a short time span, it's difficult to dismiss HubSpot as a contender. However, like your business, HubSpot is more than just a website. 

One of the more profitable features of HubSpot’s Marketing Hub is the automated emails and workflow features. On average, in North America, users saw a 188% increase in click-through rate in just one year, meaning that well over double your contacts will see the content you work so hard on. This also means that more people are seeing what you have to offer and spreading the word! After all, delighted clients are your best promoters and that all starts with a great email campaign. 

What industries see the highest results? Regarding clickthrough rate financial services see about 196%, with Transportation & Trade and Professional Services seeing 156% and 130% over 12 months. For website traffic increase, Financial Services takes the cake again, seeing 196% over 12 months, with industries such as Education & Health Services and Public Administration seeing over 140% and Construction & Manufacturing sitting around the 95% mark. 

HubSpot Marketing Hub ROI- Flawless Inbound 

No matter your industry, we can see how HubSpot performs well across businesses of a wide variety, causing exponential growth for your marketing strategies. 

Sales Hub 

As it should be, Sales Hub is all about closing those deals. Seeing deals slip through your fingers is one of the most discouraging things as a sales professional, and, of course, it happens, but closing that gap not only inspires confidence for your sales team but empowers your teams to keep reaching upwards.  

On average, Sales Hub customers close 36% more deals after 12 months and see 24% of that growth in the first 6 months. Even across company size, HubSpot performs exceptionally, with companies of 6-10 employees seeing 41% more deals closed per year and those with 26-50 employees seeing 31%.  

HubSpot Sales Hub ROI- Flawless Inbound 

On top of an increase in deals closed, HubSpot has helped companies increase their deal size, further increasing the return on your investment. Those companies with Pro Licenses saw a 1.6X increase in their deal size, with Enterprise Licenses showing 2.1X on average.   

Seeing deals closed and making the sale propels you forward financially, boosts your team's confidence and with each customer, you become a leader in your industry. That is the real power of HubSpot. 

Service Hub 

Taking care of client requests can be difficult to manage without the right system to keep things in order. Small tweaks and fixes can slip through the cracks, or projects can be delayed entirely. Luckily, HubSpot Service Hub shows that its customers see an improvement of 105% more tickets closed in the first three months and 324% over 12 months of use. 

HubSpot Service Hub ROI- Flawless Inbound 

Getting your service team the right tools proves over and over to be the best path to success. HubSpot Service Hub user companies with Pro and Enterprise Licenses saw an increase of 1.6X for individual agents’ ticket close rate over a 12-month period, which means that many more delighted clients and problems solved!  

Your Exceptional ROI 

If you aren’t yet convinced of HubSpot’s performance or aren’t sure how this applies to your business, we have just the tool for you. Flawless has created an ROI calculator based on aggregated HubSpot user data from thousands of users globally and offers a customized window into what HubSpot can do for your business. Join thousands of satisfied HubSpot customers today!