HubSpot and AI - How to Use AI to Get More Value from Your Portal

Artificial Intelligence is on everyone’s lips this year, but to what extent can it actually solve your business challenges and make you more efficient?  


Many, if not all, CRM platforms are joining the trend and incorporating technologies that seamlessly integrate AI while preserving a genuine human connection throughout their customer interactions. It's this delicate balance of automation and personalization that presents a struggle for most businesses, and, yes, honing this ability is going to determine your future progress. 

But you can’t hope to embrace AI, or generative AI more specifically, without a structured plan and defined objectives — how can you create content quickly while still ensuring its accuracy and reliability? How can you leverage AI uniquely to stand out from your competitors who are most likely following the same path? And, most significantly, how do you empower your existing team to work smarter with AI while staying true to the distinctive brand qualities that have shaped your success until now? 

That being said, if your marketing team has reservations about using Generative AI (GAI), don't worry because the advantages are limitless, especially if you’re one of the 167,000+ companies using HubSpot as your CRM and content management system.  

These are just a few of the ways you can maximize your HubSpot investment with artificial intelligence: 

Content Assistance 

This is probably the most prominent benefit of Generative AI, and rightfully so.  

GAI has forever changed the realm of content writing and marketing. Rather than be overwhelmed and baffled by the potential of AI, even with concerns pertaining to creative value, we need to understand how it can dramatically improve content output. HubSpot’s Content Assistant tool utilizes OpenAI's GPT model to help anyone on your team ideate, create, and share content in a flash. Whether you're seeking to generate blog ideas, create email templates, discover relevant images, or write compelling marketing copy, HubSpot's AI tool is at your service. 

What's even better is its native integration with other HubSpot solutions, enabling you to seamlessly transition between manual and AI content creation according to your specific requirements. 

HubSpot Content Assistance

Conversation Intelligence  

The essence of sales lies in human connection and emotional intelligence. Therefore, what role can artificial intelligence play in a discipline that salespeople have been cultivating and mastering for more than a hundred years?  

Well, HubSpot’s conversation intelligence feature seeks to bolster, rather than replace, existing sales techniques. The tool automatically captures voice data in your CRM and provides deeper insights into your conversations across all channels. Armed with such comprehensive information in your hands, you’ll be able to unlock coaching opportunities, quantify competitive trends, and even surface top objections as and when they occur. 

Your sales and services teams don’t have to rely completely on mere gut feelings when it comes to understanding customer needs. HubSpot’s conversation intelligence data can deliver a 360-degree overview of customer interactions, empowering you to make informed decisions about your sales system. 

Predictive Insights 

As opposed to conversation intelligence, which evaluates past interactions in your sales and customer service motions, HubSpot’s predictive insights look to the future. These analytics offer recommendations about actions you need to take to safeguard your operations and continue hitting your targets. For example, with intelligent software dedicated to lead scoring, you can automate the otherwise manual tasks of consolidating, analyzing, and prioritizing leads, freeing up valuable time for your sales team to focus on, well, selling 

How does it work?  

HubSpot’s predictive lead scoring uses machine learning to parse through thousands of data points to qualify leads, creating up to 25 different scoring systems for a customized approach. Over time, the system becomes smarter, creating a self-optimizing lead scoring system that can not only quantify deal priorities but forecast sales and predict churn. 

Data Enrichment 

It’s well-established that accurate, enriched data is the key to creating targeted, personalized customer experiences — and the lack thereof can turn customers away.  

This is yet another area where HubSpot’s AI tools come into play, as they use machine learning to deduplicate, log, and enrich contact and company information, thereby automatically improving data quality and reducing manual work. Other applications include automatic email data capture, call recording & transcriptions, SEO, adaptive testing, imports, and more. There’s also potential for cross-portal data transfers and insights, alongside AI-powered alerting and anomaly detection. 

Conversational UI 

Finally, the possibilities that artificial intelligence holds in enhancing positive user experiences within your CRM are immense. HubSpot’s ChatSpot tool can transform the way your teams interact with your CRM, eliminating the need for so many manual functions that are currently performed on the platform.  

Need to create a new contact on the fly? Just tell ChatSpot. Want to send follow-up emails, pull reports, or create new segments? ChatSpot can do it for you! 

ChatSpot makes CRM data easily accessible to your sales, marketing, growth, and service professionals — giving the entire organization the power to make better decisions faster. Moreover, it learns your goals and grows with you. You can easily share objectives, and ChatSpot will personalize every interaction to your needs. 

HubSpot Conversational AI- ChatSpot


Understanding that there is a lot of hesitation across the landscape about artificial intelligence and how it has replaced some of the most crucial workflows within such a short span of time, HubSpot's AI tools serve as the perfect launching pad for you to quickly acclimate to this new reality.  

Its sole focus is to make your teams more efficient, enabling individuals to dedicate their time and energy to high-value, strategic work — not the tedious, manual processes that keep them awake at night. Whether you want to automate keyword research, gather customer insights, or brainstorm content ideas, HubSpot’s Generative AI function will have something to offer.  

If you're curious about testing HubSpot's AI toolkit, or if you're simply looking for more automation within your CRM platform, let us know! We have decades of collective HubSpot expertise under our belt and would love to offer free consultations to simplify your processes. Visit our Managed Services page to check how we can help you getting the best ROI from HubSpot.