ChatSpot: A Guide to HubSpot's Game-Changing AI Assistance Tool

The speed at which generative AI technology has impacted our society is nothing short of extraordinary.  

Though all of us are at the beginning of a journey to understand generative AI’s power, reach, and capabilities, there are already some tools available in the marketplace that you can immediately deploy to discover its value. 

Among them is HubSpot’s recently announced product ChatSpot – an Artificial Intelligence assistance tool that’s designed to catapult your sales, marketing, and CRM functions to new heights, while restructuring and streamlining the way your teams work. 

Here’s how ChatSpot can quickly become your sales and marketing teams’ indispensable digital assistant. 

What is ChatSpot AI? New UI

ChatSpot is a free AI-powered assistant that combines the power of ChatGPT with unique data sources, including the HubSpot CRM, to bolster your team’s productivity by automating several manual tasks that typically consume their time and effort. 

From a technical standpoint, the tool is powered by OpenAI’s database, ChatGPT, and Dall-E, integrating their functionalities to empower you with actionable information, including real-time insights from in-depth company research, comprehensive keyword rankings, and more — all in one convenient, conversational platform. 

Additionally, if you’ve connected to a HubSpot account, you can create reports and complete record actions based on the data in your CRM. 


How Can ChatSpot Help Your Sales Team? 

The interaction and transaction-heavy nature of sales produces vast amounts of data, including text from emails, audio from phone conversations, and video from personal interactions. ChatSpot's function is precisely tailored to work with these unstructured data types. 

For example, by deploying ChatSpot, you can gain recommendations around personalized content and product offers, not to mention identify the best channel for your salespeople to use to connect with customers. Recommendations are based on data about the preferences and behaviors of your customers and similar customers, as well as past interactions with your customers. Your sales reps can accept or reject the recommendations and can rate their quality to improve the algorithms. 

  • Discover Unique Insights - research smarter with prompt templates and unique data sources. 
  • Generate Personalized Responses - get intuitive answers designed for you to take action. 
  • Connect With Your Business - integrate your HubSpot CRM and talk to your data in real-time. 


Did you know: Over 85% of marketers and sales professionals agree that AI enhances content quality and prospecting efforts. 


What Prompts Can You Use Within ChatSpot? 

Nearly every sales and marketing department faces the challenge of a gradual rise in administrative tasks as time progresses.  

As the complexities of your sales processes grow, there is a corresponding surge in the demand for documentation, approvals, and compliance reporting. There's also the matter of sales and technology and its widespread adoption contributing to this burden. These new technologies also frequently result in increased training requirements, more data entry, and additional reports to review. ChatSpot, unlike most technologies, has the potential to counteract this administrative creep. Its wide variety of prompt formats is designed to support sales and marketing professionals in crafting content, conducting industry research, and developing compelling graphics for their campaigns.  

Here are just some of the few ways you can leverage ChatSpot to drive your teams: 

Discover ChatSpots AI Blog Writer

1. Blogging 

ChatSpot's AI Blog Writer allows you to effortlessly create polished blogs with just a few clicks. This AI blog generator serves as your trusted ally, transforming your ideas into well-crafted content directly within HubSpot.

In a 2022 survey, nearly half of marketing teams allocated a significant portion of their budget to content creation. However, with ChatSpot's AI Blog Writer, you can reclaim control over blog writing without the need for expensive content creation services. By using this free AI Blog Generator, simply input your company name, topic, and call to action, and within approximately 10 seconds, ChatSpot generates a blog for you, eliminating the dreaded writer's block. Since ChatSpot seamlessly integrates with HubSpot, after generating your article, you can create a blog draft in HubSpot with just one click. Then, you can customize the format of your blog and publish it whenever you're ready.  

2. Competitor Analysis Discover competitors prompt

ChatSpot has the capability to identify up to 10 of your competitors in under 10 seconds. By simply entering a company's domain into ChatSpot, you can swiftly generate a comprehensive list of top competitors, executing time-consuming research within seconds and delving into specific data points of interest. 

The best part is that for new or growing businesses intending to understand their competitive landscape, ChatSpot provides a cost-effective alternative to pricey competitive research software, offering these services for free. To use ChatSpot for competitor analysis, all you need to do is input the URL of the company you wish to examine, wait a few seconds, and let ChatSpot generate a list of 10 competitors. Furthermore, if you wish to explore further into your competitor list, ChatSpot offers additional AI prompts for a seamless and rapid research experience. 


3. Image Generation ChatSpot AI image generation Optimized

By easily inputting your specifications into ChatSpot, you can generate a diverse range of images to choose from, streamlining your creative process. 

There's no doubt images play an indispensable role in your sales and marketing communication – everything from assets on your website to ad campaigns and more. ChatSpot serves as a cost-free alternative to hiring a design team, making the image creation process efficient and accessible. 

It operates rather straightforwardly – just enter your requirements, and within seconds, a variety of images will be at your fingertips. For instance, when creating social media images, describe the image you need and mention the platform you're targeting. ChatSpot will deliver a ready-to-share image, eliminating the complexities of image selection. With prompts for creating various image types – freeform, portrait, realistic, and social media-ready – creating captivating images that resonate with your audience has never been easier or faster. 


3. Mission Statement Generator 

Serving as a compass, a mission statement highlights your business's goals, values, and unique identity. 

To create a mission statement that aligns seamlessly with your business's goals and values, turn to ChatSpot's Mission Statement Generator for a simple and efficient solution. Employ this tool by outlining your business's immediate objectives and goals, providing intricate details about your values, industry, name, audience, and goals. ChatSpot then shapes a personalized mission statement, assisting in defining your business's image and articulating your fundamental values and goals with clarity. 

4. Tech Stack Finder ChatSpots AI Tech Stack Finder

Did you know you could input a company's domain into ChatSpot and uncover the specific technologies they employ? 

Given that company research is a crucial aspect of developing an effective sales and marketing strategy, especially when uncovering their strengths and limitations based on their tech stack, ChatSpot enables you to stay updated on your competitors and their technological landscape. 

To find the tech stack of a website, all you need to do is input the URL of the company you wish to analyze, and ChatSpot will generate a list outlining your competitor's tech stack. The technology is conveniently categorized into different segments, such as accounting and finance, advertising, analytics, and more, ensuring easy and organized viewing. 



The tide is turning, and companies hesitating on the sidelines risk losing ground in the race for innovation.

In this evolved future, the vast majority of marketing responsibilities could be bolstered by generative AI. Picture this: when marketers set out to craft compelling copy, they might kickstart the process with an initial draft provided by ChatSpot. When research is on the agenda, turning to ChatSpot or inputs sourced democratically could be the starting point. And if you want to launch an exceptionally tailored email marketing campaign, complete with tens of thousands of unique customer experiences — ChatSpot can define goals and structure the entire experience accordingly. The power of ChatSpot extends to transforming and elevating every facet of marketing endeavors. 

Effectively harnessing ChatSpot requires the right team, process, and vision for execution. At Flawless Inbound, our team has supported many companies in leveraging ChatSpot to craft successful gen AI strategies. Beyond overseeing the strategy and execution of your marketing initiatives, we can also help you determine where ChatSpot can deliver the most value, identify necessary talent and skills, and outline the operating model requirements for effective scalability.

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