10 Strategies For Boosting Digital Marketing ROI with HubSpot

Even though digital marketing has become a core strategy in the modern era, most businesses still haven’t cracked the code.  

We have to keep in mind that digital marketing is not a be-all, end-all solution that can magically overhaul your current operations and bring an infinite volume of customers through the door. Similar to any marketing discipline, it encompasses various fields, tactics, and methodologies, and you will need to determine where you fit exactly within the broader scope of digital marketing. 

Thankfully, HubSpot and its many tools offer a multitude of ways to simplify your digital marketing journey. Whether you are just starting out or looking to optimize your digital marketing endeavors to boost ROI, HubSpot has a plethora of capabilities to help you establish a solid foundation.  

These are some of the best strategies you can employ to increase your digital marketing ROI through HubSpot. 

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1. Email Marketing 

HubSpot’s email marketing software, which you can leverage even with the free version, can create, personalize, and optimize your marketing emails without waiting on designers or IT. You can craft emails that are automatically tailored to each recipient and use the drag-and-drop editor to customize layout, calls-to-action, and branding. The best part is that you can dig even deeper into your data to see who’s engaging with each email and what type of content is influencing their behavior.  

2. Forms 

Through HubSpot, you can add both forms and pop-up forms for any device to your website — again, no coding required! This way, every visitor who fills out your forms will automatically be added to your database, so you can nurture them with personalized messaging and email campaigns. It’s never been easier to convert visitors to your website site into leads. 

3. Blogging 

Blogging serves as a weapon to reliably deliver content to your target audience just at the right time. HubSpot ensures you’re able to write high-quality blog posts that help you get found in search, social media, and beyond. For example, HubSpot’s blog editor lets you draft content directly, quickly insert images, format your text, add links, and even streamline the editing process by adding comments, sharing feedback, and collaborating with authors.  

Then, you can preview how your post will look on any device, and publish your content. It’s as straightforward as that.  

4. Live Chat 

How convenient would it be to provide fast responses to buyers’ most common questions? 

HubSpot’s live chat feature automatically connects users to the right people on your team, routing customer inquiries to your services team and passing leads to the sales team. Plus, each chat conversation is automatically stored in a universal inbox on HubSpot’s free CRM, giving your team complete context and a clear view of every prospect or customer interaction. If you’re thinking about becoming more customer-focused in the near future, live chat should absolutely be on your radar.  

5. Social Media 

Chances are, you’ve already considered leveraging social media to expand your reach, but do you have the precise tools and strategies that can actually drive results? 

HubSpot delivers time-saving tools that prioritize your social interactions — so you can connect with the people who matter most. In addition, you can run all your social media campaigns from one central location and link them back to your CRM to identify contextual conversations and report on social media ROI. The social media management platform is ideal for businesses with limited bandwidth– as the application itself connects all your social accounts and can automatically share content as it’s published. 

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6. Contacts Dashboard 

This feature might be more compelling for your sales team but is still immensely valuable for your marketing nonetheless. A Contacts Dashboard stores vital data about each record, such as: 

  • Last contacted 
  • Last activity date 
  • Lead score 
  • Lifecycle stage 

This means, your sales reps can quickly find out which qualified leads need to be contacted, how engaged specific individuals are across lifecycle stages, and more. Plus, with the saved filters, you can segment leads into certain lists and can save yourself the trouble of searching for them whenever you need to look them up.  

7. SEO 

It goes without saying that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has evolved into an essential element of any digital marketing strategy. 

HubSpot enables you to build your authority in search with tools that help you plan your SEO strategy, optimize your content, and even measure ROI. This includes recommendations to optimize keywords on your site; topic suggestions based on relevance, competition, and popularity; and detailed reports on what people are searching for, and how your content ranks for any given search result.  

Once you get a hang of the tools, building an SEO-friendly website will be a breeze. 

8. Website Builder 

Your website serves as the fundamental cornerstone of your brand. Without an informative, compelling, and user-friendly website, most of your inbound marketing efforts will be in vain.  

Thankfully, HubSpot does provide a robust content management system with which you can seamlessly create and personalize website pages for every visitor — optimized for conversion across every device — without a developer’s help or custom code! Simply use one of HubSpot's pre-built website themes and enhance your online presence without worrying about mismatched designs, logos, or navigations. 

9. Marketing Automation 

If you feel like you’ve already got a handle on most of the aforementioned areas, there is still plenty of room for improvement, including the most crucial component of any digital marketing plan: automation.  

HubSpot’s marketing automation software streamlines your marketing activities, helping you increase the effectiveness and quantity of your campaigns, while delivering the right marketing message to your leads across multiple channels. At the end of the day, automation is more than about simplifying your manual workflows; it’s about driving valuable insights and productivity to optimize your marketing strategies and deliver better results. HubSpot has one of the best technologies in the marketplace to help you adopt this automation.  

10. CRM 

Deciding to pursue digital marketing is a great thing, and with that comes the need to organize your information. That’s where a CRM -- a Customer Relationship Management solution – comes into play. 

HubSpot’s CRM helps you store information on client and prospect interactions with employees, tracking marketing and sales touchpoints like email, phone, website, live chat, and social media to provide your business with detailed context on a client’s activity and feedback. Intuitive and automatic whereas other systems are complicated and manual, HubSpot CRM takes care of all the little details - logging emails, recording calls, and managing your data - freeing up valuable selling time in the process. There is a reason it frequently ranks as one of the best CRM software products for small businesses. 

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