Workshop: ERP Budget Planning

On Apr 8, 2022 10:15:34 AM

Making plans is harder than ever – and planning how to win more competitive advantages is strategically more important than ever!

Embarking on your Digital Transformation journey can be that advantage, because it will get you back on the recovery track for 2021 – and beyond.

Our B2B experts, Saher Ghattas and Maks Pryma, and special guest, Flawless' Principal NetSuite Solutions Architect Mohamed Waleed Abbo, will help you discover how in our last workshop of 2020. Excited? So are we!

We'll cover four major points:

  • Quantitative metrics and indicators: the right time to embark on a digital transformation project
  • How to budget properly for an ERP solution
  • Top challenges faced by transformation executives and project teams
  • Corporate Recovery 2021: Five key business processes you need to address

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