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You Need More than a Typical Toronto Digital Marketing Company

To find success with today’s buyer, you have to be prepared to embrace the new world of Inbound marketing and sales alignment – and you need the expertise to pull it all off.

When you get a lead on your website, you’re going to need to be able to:

  • Meet your lead where they are
  • Give them something of value right away
  • Establish your company as a trusted info source and partner
  • Continuously nurture them towards conversion

Digital Marketing Handshake

You could try all of that yourself (but we all know that’s not why you’re here on our website), or you could ask the experts. You’ll want to start by finding the right experts for your business. Of course, you could go for a Toronto SEO company, or content marketing agency, or web designer, or inbound marketing company. But you need more than that. You need all of that.

Your Toronto digital marketing agency needs to be hard-core when it comes to SEO, but they also need to be super-creative content writers and web designer/developers. Plus, they need to go further to be your automation experts and trusted sales team consultants who are serious about lead generation.

In addition to all that, they need to know what’s going on in the local market. They need to understand how to successfully do lead-generation in Toronto, in your industry.

In reality, you need more than a digital marketing agency. You need a strategic consulting partner. Someone who’s just as dedicated to your lead-generation as they are to the success of your business as a whole. We’re big into that. Here's an example. The front-end of what we do, and the deeper insight into how we sustain success.

How to Build Your Toronto Lead Generation Strategy

Digital Marketing SEO

Improve Your SEO

You have an amazing team and a product or service that’s irresistible. So you’ve designed Toronto’s best website and filled it with compelling content to sell that product.

But all of it means nothing if people can’t find the website.

And what if you aren’t starting with a great website and tons of content? That’s why SEO needs to come first. We always start with a deep-dive into how well optimized your current website is for search engines. The goal is to make sure your potential customers are searching for the keywords that you’re ranking for so you can be found.

DigitalMarketing Content

Create Winning Content

Once your SEO efforts start paying off and people start visiting your site, you need them to stay there. That means you need to have something they want.

B2B buyers aren’t visiting websites for the first time to buy something, they’re there to research and to learn. That’s why you need to fill your website with useful content that your visitors will actually want to consume.

Toronto content marketing takes more than throwing together a couple of blogs and publishing them on your social media. You need to establish your company as a thought-leader who provides informative, compelling content so your visitors will grow to trust you enough to eventually become customers.

DigitalMarketing Convert

Convert With Offers

So you've got someone on your site, and they’ve read all the all the useful content they need. The third step in the process is giving them reason to convert – it’s the actual lead generation.

Now that it’s time to start converting, it’s time to consider what your potential customers will be willing to give their information away for. People are guarded about their info, so it’s going to take something special to get a conversion to happen. In Toronto, lead-generation requires offering practical, useful resources.

As a starting line, try workshops or webinars — or give away a sample of your full service. Depending on the industry, you could also offer demos or quotes. This gives you a precious foothold from which you can start to turn visitors into loyal customers.

Okay, So How Do We Do It?

Sure, you could Google search “digital marketing in Toronto how to” and find infinite resources claiming to show you how to get infinite leads in only weeks. But anyone who knows modern sales and marketing knows that this is nothing but a scam. Real, successful, marketing enablement takes expertise and commitment.

For true expertise and commitment, look no further than right here. At Flawless Inbound, we have a diverse team of experts in both marketing and sales. We’re dedicated to every business that we work with, and take a personal interest in removing the friction that’s holding you back from revenue growth.

Plus, we know the local market. We understand the challenges local B2B companies are facing when it comes to lead-generation and revenue growth. We’re more than just your typical Toronto marketing agency – we’re Toronto’s Inbound Marketing experts.

We've found that for every company, there are three departments that absolutely have to run not only smoothly on their own, but flawlessly together, if you want to fully realize your revenue potential.

DigitalMarketing Sales

Toronto Sales Enablement

We know, sales expertise isn’t the first thing you think about when you’re looking for a marketing company in Toronto – but it should be up there. If you want to succeed in growing your revenue, you need to have excellent alignment between your marketing and sales teams.

How do you get this alignment? We start by talking to your sales team to understand your typical buyer’s journey from lead to customer. We want to get familiar with the particular needs and challenges sales has so we can use marketing and automation to help lessen the load, better qualify leads, and improve your ROI.

DigitalMarketing Marketing

Toronto Marketing Enablement

Speaking of sales and marketing alignment, we also take a deep dive into your marketing program. We conduct a thorough examination of your marketing efforts and collateral to date to find out what’s working and what might be impeding you from connecting with your customers.

After we’ve established a benchmark, we can get started on the digital marketing campaigns. In our eyes, every campaign is not only the best way to increase leads and conversions on your website, but also a way to optimize and improve our marketing strategy.

DigitalMarketing Service

Toronto Service Enablement

The final component of an efficient revenue-generating machine is your service department. Often when it comes to Toronto B2B marketing and sales program strategy, the customer service department gets left behind.

But it shouldn’t. Because anyone who knows anything about inbound marketing in Toronto knows two things:

  1. Upselling and cross-selling current customers is much easier than gaining new customers
  2. Nothing instills confidence in potential customers like 5-star ratings from promoters.

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We love a challenge. Whether you’ve been in business for years and now you’re struggling to connect with the modern buyers the way you used to, or you’re launching a new business and need to start generating leads yesterday, we’re up for it.

We banded together to become Platinum HubSpot Partners and earn certification after certification. We use the platform to:

  • Attract new contacts.
  • Publish great content.
  • Manage progress through deals.
  • Email fantastic offers.
  • Follow up with and keep existing customers engaged.
  • Set up smart workflows that do your work for you.

And it’s not just HubSpot. We’re everything else you need from a Toronto Inbound Agency. From SEO to content to design to strategy – we have a project for that.

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