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B2B Services Enablement

Services Enablement for B2B Organizations

Have you ever really thought about what your services department is doing in the revenue growth process? Just because you do have some current customers doesn’t mean their part in the growth equation is done.  

But that’s what services enablement is all about. Here’s what we help you achieve:  

  • Identify how successful your customers are in terms of your service resolving their pain  
  • Understanding where more attention is required to help a struggling customer  
  • Reconnecting with the right customers at the right time to take their success to the next level  
  • Allowing your most successful customers to play a part in attracting new clients to your B2B organization 

Customer success should be the primary concern of your services department. It’s not enough that they bought from you. If you want to keep that business, you can’t rely on your customer sticking with you out of inertia. Today’s customers are always actively seeking ways to resolve the pains of the problem plaguing their businesses, and if you’re not delivering, they’ll find someone who will.  

Demonstrating your value in their journey requires constant dedication to their success.  

Delight and Retain in the New Customer-Centric Paradigm  

So, how do you demonstrate that value? How do you convert your customer service department from a reactive mode that spends most of its time swamped in problems to a proactive machine that’s always on the lookout for opportunity to delight?  

The key is in aligning your efforts with sales and marketing enablement programs. Only by uniting all three will you hold the tools to evaluate how your customer’s doing, and knowing exactly when and how to step in and address issues.  

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Make your Journey to the Summit

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Building a Sustainable Framework for B2B Customer Success  

Every B2B company delivers its services differently to sometimes very diverse client bases. But no matter the scale of variance, there are always common issues that can be grouped and dealt with together.  

Your marketing and sales departments have sold your service based on the promise of resolving some pain. The job of the services department is now to make that promise reality. What we do is show you smart CRM management translates into that delivery.  

  • We’ll build a knowledge base that allows customers to solve their own issues before they get frustrated  
  • Implement a ticketing system that facilitates automated help as and when your customers need it  
  • Develop a Net Promoter Score system to identify the level of success your customers are experiencing and gauge their loyalty  
  • Spot the patterns that indicates the risk a customer may leave, or suggests it may be time to cross sell or up sell  


Service enablement grants B2B companies the ability to drive customer success more accurately than ever before.

Saher Ghattas, Founder, Flawless Inbound

How We Produce B2B Success  

The critical tool that makes it all work together in harmony is the HubSpot CRM. Using this, you integrate your website, your customer data, your communication, and even your customer service, into one comprehensive, cohesive engine.  

But our real secret weapon is our people.  

We maintain a talented team of account strategists, content writers, marketing technologists, web designers, graphic designers, digital marketing experts, SEO specialists, and B2B consultants. When you mix these guys together, you get a smart, results-oriented inbound strategy that meets the customer where they are and nurtures them through both the sales process, and the success phase.  

  • Attract customers with smart, relevant content that speaks to their pains  
  • A seamless handoff to sales that allows a deeper relationship to develop  
  • A sales-to-service handoff that gets things off on the right foot while eliminating confusion and mismatched expectations  
  • The crucial power to understand the level of customer satisfaction and continue to light the way forward  

Sales, Marketing, and Services Alignment is our Proven Playbook  

Just as the journey doesn’t end with marketing or sales, so too it continues through and beyond customer service. Sales should maintain its relationship to ensure that things are on track and keep the conversation going around new products and services that might be great fits, and marketing should listen and respond to the real-world experience services gleans from the customers it interacts with.  

By pairing our services enablement solution with our marketing and sales enablement solutions,and working to ensure that all three departments are working together, you’ll get optimized results in all areas — and from the customer’s perspective, the entire process will appear so much smoother. This will imbue more confidence in their relationship, and you’ll find them much more able to succeed with.  

Sharing information, learning from it, and optimizing toward a better approach on all sides of the deal is the most powerful way to level up from your standard marketing and sales enablement strategies.  

That’s the cohesive approach we take. There’s a name for it: the flywheel. With the customer at the centre, each department adds momentum a little at a time, spinning the customer up an unstoppable growth trajectory.  

So, let’s talk about your business, your customers, and what we can do to help you serve them better.  

The HubSpot CRM

The critical tool that makes it all work together in harmony is the HubSpot CRM. Using this, you integrate your website, your customer data, your communication, and even your customer service, into one comprehensive, cohesive engine.

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Let’s talk about your business, your customers, and what we can do to help you grow.

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