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Other Projects

Looking for a new website? How about an ABM Campaign? Migrating your CRM? At Flawless, we can help with a wide variety of special projects. Check out what we have available:

Inbound Website


Looks like you need a new website! Our complete Inbound website add-on is the perfect choice for getting a brand new website designed with conversions and revenue-growth in mind. The website build involves all of the following activities:

  • Current Website Audit
  • Market Analysis
  • Website/Design Strategy
  • Mockup/Wireframe
  • Staging and Development Site
  • Website Content
  • SM Presence Review
  • SEO
  • Design and Build
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Testing
CRM Migration


Moving from one CRM to another can be a complicated process, so you can trust us to take care if it for you. We'll help you migrate your database and pipeline from whichever CRM you're currently using to HubSpot, including helping you find and/or implement integrations to help get the job done.

E-Commerce Website


Got something to sell? Let us help you make the process a little easier with a brand new e-commerce website. In this project we'll help you carefully choose an ecommerce platform/integration that works best for your business then build/design the entire thing. If you have an existing website and/or CRM we can also work on integrations with you.

SEO Audit and Launchpad


In today's digital market, there's really nothing more important than great search engine optimization. If you already have a great website, but you're having some trouble getting found on Google, this is the project for you. We'll start with a thorough SEO audit, both on the technical side on your website and of your web presenence in general. Then we'll hand over your foolproof launchpad strategy and plan for improving your SEO.

Inbound Strategy Document


Sometimes, you have the power to execute on Inbound campaigns, but you just aren't quite sure what those campaigns should be. Or who you should be targeting. Or the best platform to run them on. Never fear! this is where our Inbound Strategy project comes in. After lots of consultation with your and your entire marketing and sales teams, we'll deliver a comprehensive document detailing the ins and outs of a successful Inbound strategy - all completely personalized for your business.

Awesome Additions

Want to customize one of the packages? Just let us know if you’d like to add any of these onto a package that doesn’t otherwise include them.

*Note that some of the add-ons are included in certain packages

  • ABM Campaign
  • Website
  • HubSpot CRM Build/Implementation
  • Logo Creation and Brand Guidelines
  • CMS Migration
  • E-Commerce Website
  • Full Social Media Strategy Development/Training
  • Traditional Print Marketing Design (plus Printing Services Partner)
  • HubSpot Services Hub Enablement
Awesome  Additions

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