Flawless at Inbound 2023

All of the most important updates, announcements, and trending topics from Inbound 23! 


Here's Everything You Need to Know From Inbound 23

The Flawless Inbound team attended Inbound 2023 and witnessed everything the conference had to offer. There were product announcements and updates galore (starting of course with AI) and even more valuable learnings on all things sales and marketing enablement. So we created this page to share it all (and a few exclusive offers) with you!


Keep scrolling to see:

  • All of the HubSpot updates and announcements, recapped including how you can use the tools to start seeing value asap.
  • Registration for our Virtual Recap Event where we'll go over all the details you need to know and demo some of those new AI features.
  • A free HubSpot Portal Audit based around the new updates released during Inbound - up to $1850 in value.
  • A HubSpot-NetSuite Integration Assessment using our team's superpower as expert implementers and partners of both platforms


Updates TL;DR? Attend our virtual Inbound recap to learn everything you need to know

Join us September 20th for: 

  • Recap of all the important releases unveiled throughout Inbound 
  • Demos of those features and provide
  • Strategies and actionable tips for quick success!
  • Finally, we'll also be introducing our new Flawless Helpdesk portal, designed for all HubSpot queries - including the latest developments, of course!

Special Offers for Inbound

Our Inbound-themed HubSpot Portal Audit ensures that your platform is up-to-date with the latest features and product updates - as announced at the conference! Note that the portal audit offer is FREE only during the month of September for the Inbound Season - delivering savings of $1850!

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As a leading NetSuite solution provider and a Custom Integration-Accredited HubSpot partner, our team stands out in delivering exceptional HubSpot and NetSuite integrations that are custom-tailored to perfectly fit your company's demands.

As such, the free Integration Assessment is designed to address all your queries, offer valuable best practices, and present a precise roadmap for a seamless start! 

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HubSpot's New Features, Updates, and Announcements - Explained

More info on all of the updates to HubSpot - from AI Assistants to Sales Hub Updates, to Commerce Hub and more, here's everything you need to know from Inbound 23:

HubSpot has always been trying to figure out how to empower businesses to work smarter, not harder. Their new set of AI-powered tools is not only designed to increase efficiency but also spark creativity and future-proof your business. Here are just a few things you'll be able to do: 

  • Create AI-generated content for social media (pictured below via HubSpot), blogs, landing pages, subject lines, and more
  • Use Campaign Assistant to generate assets for campaigns based on simple inputs and campaign goals. 
  • AI-generate reports through simple questions (i.e. Where are my best leads coming from?) 
  • Even build a one-page website (content included) by answering a few questions for AI

More details on all of these brand-new, game-changing features coming soon! 

It's impossible to ignore the worldwide impact of Generative AI, as it has swiftly reshuffled the deck for business, entertainment, and even society. HubSpot is no exception, as they too are leveraging AI's capabilities to create a Smart CRM.

No more dealing with disparate technology that leaves you confused about your customers, what they do, and how they buy —  HubSpot’s Smart CRM connects all of your engagement Hubs with a singular AI-powered system of record, unifying, enriching, and de-duplicating customer data across traditionally disparate data sources.

There's a whole bunch more happening in the works, and we can't wait to fill you in on how you can achieve intelligent outcomes by unifying your data with Smart CRM. For now, stay tuned, and start feeling the anticipation!

The new Sales Hub will bring all your sales data, tools, and teams together on one single platform - making it so, so easy to adopt and automate time-consuming tasks. Now, your sales team can actually spend more time actually connecting with customers and meeting their goals. The objective is to focus on quality over quantity, outcomes over activities, and truly help your customers.

As part of the relaunch, you can expect improvements in:

  • Prospecting workspace (pictured below)
  • Lead management
  • A/B testing in sequences
  • Sequence analytics & reporting
  • Meetings improvements

More information on these updates will be added as Inbound progresses - stay tuned for more info.

Yes, that's right! HubSpot is giving its commerce tools a new home – Commerce Hub.  This repackaging consists of many of the features you’re already familiar with today, such as:

  • HubSpot payments
  • Quotes
  • Payment Links
  • Automated Billing
  • Products Library

There are also some exciting new entries en route for this Hub, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled! 

When it comes to the current CRM - new Customization features will enable developer teams to customize the cards that appear in the centre panel of your contact, company, and deal records to show exactly the information you need. This way, they can build richer, more interactive extensions to improve the overall functionality and user experience for their teams.

Want More Information? Reach Out Today!

If you have specific questions about the updates or just want to speak one-on-one about anything to do with HubSpot, we're happy to help! Reach out today and we'll be in touch to see how we can work together.