You Wouldn’t Build a Skyscraper Without a Foundation — Same Goes for Marketing

You don’t go from zero to riding an elevator to the 100th floor penthouse in a day.

Marketing isn’t plugging in a piece of software and expecting the leads to come pouring in. It’s something that takes time, effort, and a ton of hard work to do right. In many ways, it’s a lot like building a skyscraper.

You Need a Location

Don’t just jump into marketing without asking yourself where you’re going to do it. Are you building where someone else has already established themselves? You’ll need a different approach. Is a physical location going to be a key part of your business? Make sure you’re accessible. Are you going to be doing your marketing mostly online? Then you’ll have to know where you’re going to do it.

You Need the Real Estate

Marketing strategies require a base to work off of. You’ll want an appropriate domain, of course. And you’ll want to hook in a CRM. You may need other platforms — something to do reporting to evaluate your results, something to help guide your content creation based on what your competitors are up to.

You Need Blueprints Before Building

You wouldn’t start building a skyscraper by just putting bricks down where you think they’ll look nice. When starting your marketing campaigns, know exactly where each brick needs to go so that when you look back six months from now, you see a clear, purposeful structure — and not a mess that fails to make it three feet of the ground.

You Need the Right Team

Do you want a reliable firm with plenty of construction projects behind them, or six guys and a truck? Don’t cheap out on your marketing partner. It takes the right team to build a sustainable marketing program. The wrong team might look impressive in the first couple of months, but marketing is an ongoing process that requires expertise and discipline. Unsustainable results often look good right before they crumble.

It’s Going to Take Time

Laying a foundation is not as fun to look at as starting to build those walls. But it’s clearly a vital step — because it’s this unexciting groundwork that ultimately provides the stability you need to actually start growing. A slow start isn’t a sign of failure, and it doesn’t mean your partner is phoning it in. If you picked the right people, they’re quietly providing you something that will last.

And Done Properly, It Will Last

Once your foundation is built and the skyscraper starts going up, it’s all going to pay off. This is because it’s going to be something you can rely on for years, decades, to come. You’ve put your faith in a proven process, and it’s going to attract a ton of attention.

And here’s where you go beyond a skyscraper. Once you have that foundation built, you can just keep going. The sky is not the limit.

This is what we do best. We build companies solid, dependable marketing foundations before we execute the campaigns — but boy, do we execute those campaigns. That means when it’s time to chase those leads, they’re a lot more attracted to your website, and they’re so much more likely to convert. It’s worked for the more than 80 B2B companies we’ve worked with, and we’d love for you to learn more about what we do right here.

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