Why you should build your website on WordPress

(Note: in this article, “WordPress” refers to WordPress.org, not the hosting services of WordPress.com)

Contrary to common belief, WordPress is not just a blogging platform. In the right hands, it’s a powerful, scalable website content management system capable of handling the web presence needs of a huge variety of companies.

8 Reasons Why WordPress is a good choice for your website

  1. It is a free open source platform. Everything you need to start your website is free.
  2. Being open source means that there are thousands of free and premium themes and plugins to give your website the looks and all the functionality it needs.
  3. WordPress is one of the easiest to manage website platforms — if set up correctly.
  4. WordPress was developed for the real world and is built to be secure. It’s not foolproof but there are many security add-on plugins.
  5. WordPress and most of the themes out there are fully responsive (mobile friendly).
  6. WordPress is constantly updating and optimizing. The platform is so scalable you could almost say that it is future proof.
  7. The platform comes with a beginner-friendly content management tool. When paired up with a page builder plugin, you cannot ask for an easier way to build pages.
  8. With the help of plugins, WordPress is perfect for easy SEO implementation.

How to Get Going with WordPress

Interested in your very own WordPress site? Contact us. A great website is the heart of any digital marketing campaign. It’s where your ads and social media point to, and its where the content that attracts your leads lives. It’s vital to get it right.

We’ve developed countless WordPress websites for businesses in everything from IT to law to real estate to moving to medical. And we integrate with HubSpot — providing you and your readers a seamless experience from website to CRM to deal.

Want to get started? Contact us, or learn more about our inbound marketing program below.

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