We're Just Gonna Post Some Dog Photos Today

When you work hard every day, you need a break now and again. That's why last Friday, we took our whole team for a barbecue. On this sunny July day, all fifteen of us dropped by a park for some much-earned relaxation.

At Flawless Inbound, we understand that a hyper-productive work culture is only possible when you make the effort to unplug and get to know your coworkers outside of an office setting every so often. It builds trust and strengthens the culture.

We made an effort to try to find a Saturday that worked for everyone — but summer schedules are busy with vacations and family commitments. So eventually we decided, hey, let's just take a Friday afternoon.

Why? Because having that time put aside helps to refocus and gives you that time to just absorb what you've been working on.

Plus, dogs.

FI-July-29-953 AM-3

FI-July-29-953 AM-2

FI-July-29-953 AM-1

Is there anything purer than dogs frolicking in the sun sniffing trees? Not really. Everyone needs that in their lives.

What does it cost you to put something like this on? Not much. Grab a grill. Book a site. Buy some food. Take a few hours. Set up a few games to keep people engaged. Let conversations happen so your team can get to know each other.


It's something within the budget of almost any company. And when what you get back is a stronger team, you can be certain those resources were well-spent.

The summer's all-too-short — make sure you make the most of it!