We Share Our Favourite WordPress Plugins

Using WordPress to create beautiful websites that help you convert leads? We are.

One of the many advantages of the WordPress platform is the sheer availability of plugins that cater to every common web design need. If you want it, chances are, someone's already made it.

The point of this blog post is very simple: we're going to recommend our favourite plugins.

Classic Editor (Free):  

The WordPress Gutenberg block editor was wildly disliked when released. However, we do need to keep up with WordPress updates. This plugin replaces WordPress Gutenberg with the Classic version of the editor. Useful if you prefer the old way.

Page Builder by SiteOrigin (Free): 

This is an amazing plugin. It adds a drag and drop builder layout and it comes loaded with great modules. This plugin makes it easier for anyone to effortlessly create WordPress pages and posts that are customizable and in line with cutting-edge modern design.

SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle (Free): 

This neat plugin adds to the Page builder plugin above. It's a big library of awesome modules web designers need to have in their collections.

SiteOrigin Page Builder Animate (Free): 

This plugin speaks for itself. It enables you to easily add animations to the page builder elements. No coding required, this makes making your pages stand out a breeze.

Flawless Premium Tools (Custom): 

A plugin that was developed in house by our developer. It adds many optional features and functionalities to the website such as adding flexibility on menu design, easy on/off sticky navigation typography, additional options on the Site Origin Pagebuilder, additional features for WooCommerce sites, and more. It also grants the ability to create reusable global modules inside WordPress. This will be available soon!

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Smush (Free): 

This plugin is a must-have. It saves so much time by automatically optimizing and resizing any image you upload to the website which greatly decreases load times and increases performance. 

Autoptimize (Free): 

This plugin minifies your HTML, CSS and Javascript. It also adds caching features to your website to help with loading times and performance.

iThemes Security (Free): 

This plugin adds countless security features to your website to help protect from spam and hackers.

Yoast SEO (Free): 

SEO is such an important part of your website. This plugin gives you an on-page SEO editor and well as many other SEO features. You'll get an instant SEO rating you can use to optimize every page.

Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin (Free): 

With this plugin you can white label any WordPress website and add your branding. It is also great to create a client dashboard that will help rather than confuse them.

All-in-One WP Migration Unlimited Extension (Premium): 

This is the best plugin to migrate a WordPress website. It is really an all in one solution for back-ups and website migration and will help you get set up fast.

Wanna know how to use this stuff? Need someone to set it all up for you so you can focus on the parts that matter? Contact Flawless Inbound, and we'll show you how we've built winning conversion focused websites for companies across Canada and the US.