Terminus + HubSpot = Automated Account Based Marketing

As you may know by now, here at Flawless Inbound we love to geek out on Marketing automation technology and Strategy that focus 100% on B2B organizations.

Last year we started a small test for ABM, and we are still learning as we run more tests with multiple marketing automation technology platforms.

In the minds of many marketers, inbound is the antithesis of account-based marketing. However, inbound and account-based marketing share many of the same core tenets. When each are done well, both parties share a relentless focus on the buyer and the customer experience, complete with personalized content, offers, and outreach. In fact, organizations that employ both approaches find considerable overlap between the two, and when they’re put together, they become the key drivers of growth.

HubSpot and Terminus are pioneers of the inbound and account-based marketing movements, respectively, both leading the charge on software innovation and category growth.

So, it was a no-brainer to provide our customers with this integration that unites the best of both strategies. In our conversations with HubSpot, we roughed out a visual that blends the inbound funnel with the flipped funnel of account-based marketing. (Maybe we should call it the bowtie funnel?)

Last week at Inbound 2017, I learned that the Terminus account-based approach enables B2B marketers to expand their reach around an individual lead who has entered the inbound funnel. In this way, marketers can create awareness and engagement among the influencers and decision-makers in their best-fit accounts. This works even if only one or a few people are proactively researching your solution, visiting web pages, and filling out forms.

Here is what we have found so far on Terminus integration with HubSpot.

The Terminus integration with HubSpot Marketing allows B2B marketers to launch account-based advertising campaigns to amplify their message beyond the lead’s email inbox and reach the entire buying center at an account. From within HubSpot’s Workflow tool, marketers can trigger Terminus campaigns that nurture the entire account, with digital advertising aligned to the email nurture program that is engaging the lead.

Terminus provides B2B marketers using HubSpot Marketing with automated account-based advertising that allows for:

  • Expanded reach — Engages all the decision-makers and influencers at an account, even without their contact data.

  • Marketing orchestration — Coordinates the right message across email nurture and digital advertising campaigns.

  • Personalized outreach by persona — Delivers a tailored message to each persona and aligns tactics to each stage of the buyer’s journey with the most precise and granular targeting in B2B advertising.

  • Engagement reporting — Uses Terminus reports to understand how campaigns are influencing and engaging the entire account, not just the lead. Tracks digital advertising results, website behavior, and media spend at the account level to demonstrate marketing’s influence on generating pipeline and revenue.

This integration will enable marketers to not just deliver a lead to sales, but to provide qualified accounts where the buying committee is fully engaged, significantly increasing their likelihood to buy. Terminus’ ABM measurement tools provide insight into account engagement on your website — even for those individuals that do not identify themselves through a web form. By complementing lead scores with measures of account engagement, marketers can confidently gauge an account’s interest and buying intent.

B2B marketers who take an account-based approach with Terminus see improved opportunity creation rates, shorter sales cycles, and larger deal sizes. Running an orchestrated, multi-touch marketing program leveraging the power of both HubSpot and Terminus will allow marketers to double down on these impressive results.

We’ve even tested a workflow using email nurturing and account-based advertising campaigns to deliver our client’s core marketing message and found that through automation, we’re able to reach the lead’s inbox as well as the key stakeholders of their best-fit accounts.

We are still learning as we go but here is my conclusion so far. Terminus and HubSpot both afford B2B marketers ease of use and flexibility, and there are many ways to use the two products together.

Will keep you posted on our progress.