Seven Flawless Marketing Essentials- Part One: What’s the Right Team?

A content marketing strategy is something that must constantly evolve and adapt according to changing market conditions. The outcomes for all different types of business activities should be constantly appraised and evaluated. This will enable new strategies to be developed in order to improve your productivity, and ultimately the profitability of your marketing endeavours.

This is in fact the only way to transform your marketing centre from a place in your organization that is thought of as costing money, to a place that is thought of as a revenue creator. That means having the right people doing the right things, whether they’re in house, an agency, or a mixture of both. It’s important to recognize that this is not a discussion about an organization’s website, or SEO.

Five Marketing Team Members That All Midsize Organizations Need:

  1.     Market Analyst – This is the person that figures out an overall plan, and decides which is the ideal customer that is to be targeted. Some additional responsibilities for this role will include understanding the gap between existing product and customers, and determining customer preferences.
  2.     CRM Manager that bridges sales and marketing, and deals with Customer Relations Management (CRM). A manager with a background in marketing and sales is ideal for this position, as they will be dealing primarily with the business side of the equation.
  3.      Graphic Designer that fills the role of a traditional marketing person. They’ll have to keep up-to-date with emerging trends in the field of graphic design - including new technology, tools, and applications - then implement them. (Please remember, this person is crucial to the team, but is not the be all and end all.)
  4.     Creative Writer is the team member that needs to provide the relevant written copy to be used across all mediums. Not only will they need to be writing great articles, they'll also need to have advanced research skills.  This will enable them to produce new topic ideas based on trends in social media, analytics and more, while developing a content strategy.
  5.     Marketing Strategist or manager to oversee operations and ensure that the chosen goals or objectives are reached. By understanding the product gap, the strategist thinks of ways to either actually close it, or to make customers perceive that it can be closed.