Lead-Based HubSpot CRM Enablement in your B2B Organization

Is your sales team hitting their numbers? That may depend on whether the leads that they receive from your marketing efforts are good enough for your sales people to act on. Other times, good leads are lost over the duration of the sales process simply because someone forgot to follow-up to close the deal. Whatever the case, there’s plenty HubSpot CRM can do to help plug those leaky lead gaps in your strategy.

Where Do You Focus Your Attention to Fix a Lack of Revenue Growth?

You’ve done everything right on your website. The assets your marketing team prepared are being downloaded, your email campaigns are hitting the right audience, and your visitors love interacting with your astute little chatbot.  

But still, your sales team is struggling to make sense of what to do with these online leads.

Let’s apply a little inductive reasoning to this problem. First, consider if your marketing efforts are supplying a sufficient Quantity and Quality of leads for sales to follow-up with to meet their number?

If you think that marketing may be the issue and you don’t know where the bottle-neck is, then this comprehensive marketing article, What is Growth Driven Design, will help you identify step-by-step ways to start generating sales leads to hand-off to your team to follow-up with.

However, if your team has all the leads they need, then what?

What’s Going On with your B2B Leads?

If your marketing efforts seem to be working but you’re still not seeing the uptick in sales revenue that you expected there are two things that may be happening. One, it is possible the leads that are being handed off to the sales team are simply not the right people, and this can be solved through better lead targeting through Inbound marketing efforts.

Although, if the leads are in fact genuine sales qualified leads (SQLs), then it is likely that the problem lies in what happens to the leads after they are handed-off to the sales team from marketing.

The second big cause of not closing on online sales leads is an inefficient CRM (customer relationship management) tool or process.

Align Your Sales and Marketing Departments Through HubSpot

When it comes to online selling, everyone in your company needs to work seamlessly together. The marketing team can help the sales team position how your solution can help their business with targeted downloadable offers. And, from these value-adding offers, the marketing team collects a list of names that meet the requirements that the sales team had requested:

  • i.e. Job Title is known, i.e. CEO, CFO, or COO,
  • Industry is known, i.e. health care, insurance, commercial builder, etc.
  • Their specific challenge or need should be captured.
  • Collect complete contact details (email and phone number)

Remember, it is possible that more than 70 per cent of the buying decision may be made before the online visitor even finds your website. This is actually great news for your sales team — if you can adapt and act on the new expectations of your online buyers who will be doing their research regardless.

Now, if you have a list of qualified leads. Next: use Deal stages to organize the leads.

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