Is your Organization facing Marketing Blackouts?

Are you the B2B Marketing Manager for your organization? This might be a symptom that you will be facing each now and then. If no one knows what marketing is doing, then the natural conclusion is that marketing is not doing anything terribly important.

Moreover, when different groups within the marketing organization do not know what other groups are doing, it is impossible to provide a unified experience for your customers. Unfortunately, most marketing plans, projects, and performance reports are hidden away in spreadsheets, documents, email inboxes and other poorly lit locations. Which will even make it harder for the marketing department to justify an ROI to the Board meeting, or when reporting to the CEO or VP of Sales and Marketing.

Or, are you facing executive-caused explosions!

Sometimes big problems come in small, well-intentioned packages. For example, when the VP of Sales makes a simple and reasonable request that threatens to blow up all your well-thought-out marketing plans and committed marketing goals. Can we upgrade the website next month? Let’s start doing webinars once a week. Then there are the super urgent, yet conflicting requests. The VP of sales wants a website upgrade, but the VP of customer success wants a community portal, and, you only have one web team.

How to end the Marketing Blackout for B2B organizations?

Ending a marketing blackout requires systematic collection, integration, and publication of marketing plans, projects, and performance. Current marketing programs, the status of work-in-process and marketing performance reports for each marketing area should be available to everyone in the marketing department.

High-level roadmaps, a monthly marketing calendar, and regular updates should be published to all marketing stakeholders. Without an integrated marketing management system, consolidating and communicating marketing activities is pure overhead and can be labor intensive. However, the alternative marketing blackout is far worse.

Avoid marketing blackouts by publishing a marketing calendar. It's an easy way to keep everyone informed about upcoming marketing promotions, projects, and events. Publish a monthly marketing calendar and update it weekly. Share the marketing calendar with marketing, sales, other departments and the executive team to keep everyone informed. We have been focused on helping B2B organizations with building their marketing engine. Feel free to Download our marketing planner tool. It might be of help to you in the long run.

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