Is Your Marketing Investment Ready for 2018?

As CEO, depending upon the results of the trailing 11 months of data driven marketing at your company, you may be choosing to enjoy that extra glass of spiked eggnog at the company Christmas party or channeling your inner Scrooge with the furrowed brow of regret. 

For most senior leaders, regardless of your company's performance this year, your need to produce 2018 revenue begins on January 1 and not a day later. That means now is a perfect time to check in and ensure your functional units are functioning properly.

In today's "always on" communications environment, where the consumer has completed 57 percent of the sales journey before contacting us, we have to ensure our marketing department is consistently aligned with our organizational strategy. In today's marketing paradigm, the health and welfare of our entire brand awareness program, sales funnel, corporate culture, and future revenue potential lie at the feet of this intrepid group.

As CEO, you can gain insight into the efficacy of your marketing efforts by asking five simple, yet purposeful, questions. Think of this exercise as a way to take inventory of your marketing investment.

1. What are the top three accomplishments you are most proud of?

This question is designed to ensure your marketing team can recognize, measure – and most critically, share – successes. We're not looking for broad generalities here, but specifics. For example, if website hits grew, we'd want to know by what percentage, year over year. If your marketing team is having difficulty quantifying their accomplishments, it's a signal they should be investing in, or better utilizing, analytics tools to ensure they can gain greater insights into the trends that are most relevant to the success of the business.

2. What industry or global trends should we be concerned about or taking advantage of?

We want to gauge whether the marketing team has a keen handle on competitive trends impacting innovation around our brands, products, and services. Are we among the leaders in our market segment, or are we a step behind? How are we taking advantage of trends in the marketplace? Are we reacting to changing consumer attitudes and trends?

3. If you were me, what should we be investing in?

Though we already indicated the marketing team should be our eyes and ears to the world of innovation happening outside the company, we are counting on them to understand what investments will provide the most impact within the organization. As the keeper of the SWOT, the marketing team should be helping us to capitalize on opportunities, playing to our strengths, vanquishing threats, and minimizing our weaknesses. Success in this regard often requires a good handle on cross-departmental collaboration. For example, if we see the need for Account-Based Marketing or a mix of Inbound and Account-Based marketing to help bolster our market position, we might need the marketing team to work even more closely with the Sales department to stay relevant for 2018.

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4. What will marketing start and stop doing in 2018?

This question is a great gauge of the marketing team's ability to take a multi-dimensional view of its role within the company – whether they are there to simply "punch the clock or to think strategically in a way that will truly advance the organization toward its loftiest objectives and goals. A good marketing team will constantly be evaluating its roles, tools, strategies, and responsibilities, recasting where necessary to ensure efficient, results-oriented delivery of its strategies and tactics.

5. What is your marketing mission for 2018?

Does the marketing team have a defined "rally cry" for next year? Do they possess a commitment to continuous improvement? Do they function as an engine that, as it churns forward, delivers collaboration across the company while driving accountability? The best marketers are entrepreneurial in spirit, while also being team-oriented – relishing, and understanding, their specific role as individual contributors; but performing at the highest level to deliver results for the group as a whole.

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