Introducing: The Breakthrough Club

At Flawless Inbound, we take our commitment to supporting our business community seriously. With the Breakthrough Club, we've created a platform for owners, sales professionals, marketers, managers, young talents, business veterans, and everyone who wants to be part of a strong new generation of thought leaders. Make yourself heard, listen, learn, connect, and network among likeminded professionals.

To kick it off, we've created two branches: the Breakthrough Club talkshow and a LinkedIn Group. Here's what's happening.

Our Talkshow – From Business To Business

Every week, we're inviting accomplished individuals from different industries to share their professional success stories, business insights, and much more in a virtual talkshow. For the duration of a zoom call, our VIPs (Very Insightful Professionals) share with Flawless Inbound Founder Saher Ghattas what they stand for and how they rise above the noise.

It's a unique opportunity to listen and learn from others – and to get new inspiration and motivation: What piece of advice would you give to your younger self? How do you prepare for an online business meeting? What steps did you take to adapt to the new reality in quarantine? When was the last time you surprised yourself?

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If you have an insightful story to share, we'd like to hear from you – you might be our next guest!


New LinkedIn Group

When planning the Breakthrough Club, we were focussing around the community factor in doing business and what it means for us to support each other during a tough time for all of us. We've realised that support comes in many shapes and forms, but it all boils down to our principle of B4B: Business for Business. Together, we create more opportunities for others – and vice versa!

On our LinkedIn platform, we provide a space where business professionals can connect with likeminded individuals, share their best advice, express new ideas, or ask for feedback on projects. 

Stand stronger together. Join the Breakthrough Club.

Have Your Say – We're Listening!

Now it's your turn – whether by posting in the group, checking out the first interview with Buchanan Hunter from Latium, or by pitching your best success stories to us. Drop us a line right away – we're looking forward to hearing from you!