HubSpot Inbound 2020 – A Solution That Grows With You

What's New?

Earlier this week and During the Famous Inbound 2020, HubSpot (if some of  you do not know them) a Global Leading Cloud Growth Platform (CRM/Sales/Marketing /Ticking/CMS) platform, introduced a brand-new set of game changing features that set it in direct competition with big names like SAP and Salesforce, allowing it to grow its target market to include mid-sized companies. 

What sets HubSpot solutions apart from others?

HubSpot has been a time-tested favourite of many businesses for a while now – due to its user-friendliness and single-hand integration of Sales, Marketing, and Service hubs that can be custom tailored to a company's needs. In this week's announcement, they have added their "One more thing."

This isn't just a light face lift – this is the jump from flip phone to super computer. With the new range of features and its customary seamless integration, HubSpot is positioning itself to jump from insider tip to competing on the same level with the big names.

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How do they do it? Users now have the added ability to juggle very complex sales workflows, improved Service Hub features, and stronger Marketing tools that are adequate for medium sized companies and enterprises. The option to get all these things from one solution – and in a user-friendly package nonetheless – makes HubSpot unique on the market.

What's the first impression?

The forecast is looking good and the world of HubSpot is up for an exciting new phase: everything that the company is known for and has already been doing great at will get even better and more powerful. With more options to delegate tasks, categorise contact information, run ABM campaigns, conduct customer surveys, and SO. MUCH. MORE, HubSpot is offering a solution that covers Sales, Marketing, and Service cycles from start to finish even for very complex operations.

As a Platinum certified HubSpot partner, we at Flawless Inbound are excited to embark on this journey with the people at HubSpot. We are looking forward to roll out even more powerful tools to our clients. HubSpot has stated that this announcement is another step on the way to growing with their clients – count us in!

So What Are the New Features Exactly? 

Here's what's been added to all of the HubSpot hubs, in their own words: 

HubSpot CRM Enterprise Platform (Sales Hub Enterprise)

A great sales CRM should be easy to use and loved by all. It should minimize friction for your clients and empower sales teams to stay agile through any headwind.

With custom objects, AI-powered sales acceleration, connected CPQ tools, streamlined sales reporting, and powerful integrations that add extensibility, Sales Hub Enterprise has transformed into a true enterprise sales CRM platform. 

HubSpot is now moving to Enterprise Class CRM as a head to head competitor with MS Dynamics and Salesforce, Our Team have helped Implement HUBPOT CRM for more than 120+ B2B organizations and with a different Sales organization ranging from a team of 20 sales Rep to team 200 Sales rep spread in Canada and the US so we are confident that HubSpot Enterprise CRM is Ready for Prime time.

You can now have Built-in full Quoting tool, Product price list, Advanced Sales Productivity reporting tools to go deeper in your Sales pipe line analysis and answer questions around Deal velocity, how many days it take to close big deals, What is our average close Rate in Q1 VS Q3, What is the % of Quota attainment for each Sales rep and so on.

Marketing HUB Enterprise New Features

  • Account Based Marketing: HubSpot’s account-based marketing (ABM) tools, help marketing and sales teams work together to prioritize the right accounts, personalize outreach, coordinate engagement, and easily measure performance.
  • Team-Based Partitioning: Better organization means a cleaner database and a more productive team. Assign all your marketing assets by team so every user has access to the right content.

  • Adaptive Testing: No more need for manual test setup or measurement. Use advanced machine learning to continuously and automatically run tests and optimize your website’s conversion rates.

  • Customizable Chatbots: Make onsite chat and Facebook Messenger even more delightful. Extend beyond basic chat functionality using powerful code snippets and webhooks — and feed all that data back to your contact records.

  • Advanced Chat Targeting: Increase chat engagement rates by providing visitors with a more relevant and personalized experience. Trigger unique chatflows based on a visitor’s location, page scroll behavior, referral source, and more.

Service HUB Professional New Features

One of the best ways to improve your product or service over time is to learn the value that your customers are gaining from it through implicit and explicit information. Feedback surveys allow you to collect that information.

The Service Hub’s feedback surveys tool allows you to collect feedback around customer support, satisfaction and loyalty. There are three types of surveys you can send: customer effort score, customer satisfaction and net promoter score. 

CSAT: customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys allow you to collect feedback about multiple aspects of your company. Instead of capturing your customers’ overarching impression of you, you can ask questions about specific products or services they use or specific interactions they’ve had.

For example, you could collect feedback about their onboarding process or how they feel after an update was rolled out to your product or service offering. 

You can completely customize the question that survey recipients are asked, and they can respond that they’re happy, unhappy or neutral. Then they can add comments about why they feel that way. This enables you to get granular feedback about what’s working well for your customers — and what isn’t.

CES: customer support survey

After a support ticket is closed, you can send an automated survey about the support experience. You can choose for this survey to go out immediately once the ticket closes or set a delay. 

The survey asks recipients to rate the ease of handling their problem on a scale of 1–7 and then provide feedback as to why they chose that rating.

This helps you understand how effective your ticket resolution process is and how customers feel about the service you provided during that process.

NPS: customer loyalty survey

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a scale that allows companies to measure their customers’ willingness to recommend their products or services to others. Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score and NPS are registered trademarks of Bain & Company, Inc., Satmetrix Systems, Inc. and Fred Reichheld.

It’s calculated by asking the question “How likely are you to recommend [company or product] to a friend or colleague?”. Then respondents can choose a rating between 0 and 10. 

The score calculated from those responses can help you understand how your existing customers are contributing to your company’s growth.

HubSpot presents your NPS results right in the survey tool, making it easy to analyze not just your overall score, but also your response rate without having to build a custom report.

CMS Enterprise New Features

  • Maintenance and Management Without the Migraines: you don’t have to worry about the speed, security, or reliability of your CMS. As a SaaS CMS with a globally hosted CDN, 24/7 threat monitoring, and a web application firewall baked right in, we take care of system maintenance for you so you can focus on the experience you provide your customers.
  • Easily Build and Optimize Remarkable Website Pages: easily create a website that drives business results. Leverage HubSpot’s default themes and modules to create a beautiful website that matches your brand, or have your developer create something custom. Either way, you can effortlessly edit your site with drag and drop page editing that puts the marketer in control. You can also easily extend your content by leveraging the apps and website assets listed in our verified marketplace.
  • All-in-One Tool to Help Grow Traffic and Generate LeadsCMS Hub comes with a professional CRM, so you can personalize content to your customers needs, and report on the success of your content with features like contact attribution reporting. You’ll also have access to our conversations platform, including chat and conversational bots. You can also explore HubSpot’s growth suite to see the power of integrating your marketing, sales, and services efforts into the same platform as your website.

Other New Features

Only Pay for the Contacts that Count (Marketing Contact VS Non-Marketing Contacts).

Big announcement from HubSpot. There’s a million good reasons to have contacts in your CRM that you can’t market to. Bounces, unsubscribes, partners, sales contacts, one-off customer success tickets...the list goes on. But while the rest of your company grows your customer database, you shouldn’t get stuck with the bill.

No more paying for the success of your sales team. Focus your budget on the contacts that you send marketing emails and target ads to -- and enjoy free storage up to one million non-marketing contacts for all the rest.

Who has the time to manually categorize all of their contacts? Not you. For existing Marketing Hub customers, the marketing contacts eligibility flow makes identifying your marketing contacts as simple as a few quick clicks with automatically generated lists of bounces and unsubscribes -- plus, the ability to add custom filters and lists of your own. And if you’re new to HubSpot -- don’t worry. You can mark your contacts as “marketing” as you go.

Automatically categorize new contacts as marketing from forms and integrations with help from quick settings updates or a simple workflow.

Best of all, you can change your marketing contacts each month -- allowing you to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of your business.

Enjoy free contact storage of up to one million non-marketing contacts, plenty of room to fit the needs of every corner of your business. No more storing contacts in complicated sheets or databases. Stay streamlined by keeping all of your contacts together in HubSpot.

Marketing contacts also comes with larger contact bands giving you more room to grow -- which means you can spend less time worrying about hitting contact limits and more time providing an excellent end-to-end customer experience.

Plus, scaled contacts pricing makes individual contacts cheaper as you grow -- giving you economies of scale.

What Next? 

If you're a customer of Flawless, please Make sure to contact your Flawless Inbound Account manager or Growth Strategist to get more information.

Not a customer but interested in speaking about how these changes will or can impact and grow your business? Book a meeting with me right here!