How to Maximize Sales Success? Sales and Marketing Alignment

If you’re in Sales, you’ve always got the sales goal looming. Success is measured in the number of sales you make, the money you’re bringing in, and your close rate.

You might have noticed something in recent years: it all just seems… harder. Cold calling results in more hang ups. People are less interested in your pitch. More and more, they keep walking without giving you the time of day.

So Why is Sales Harder Now?

Listening to a sales rep just isn’t the way people make purchasing decisions to the same extent it once was. If you’re in retail, they already know what they want before they even show up — if they show up. If you’re B2B, they’ve probably researched you, and the competition, and spent hours deliberating the comparisons with input throughout their company. They know what you do, what other people think of your service, and when — if — they contact you, they’re not looking for you to repeat what they already know.

People increasingly favour doing their research on their terms, on their time, with Google at their fingertips. When you don’t know where they are in their research, what they’re actually looking for, whether they’ve heard of your company, and whether you’re actually a good fit for them, your uninvited phone call will come across as annoying and be forgotten.

Align with Marketing to Understand, Target Smart, Build Trust, and Win

We’ve seen amazing success occur when companies try sales and marketing alignment. It’s because just as Marketing has adapted to the new avenues available over the internet, so must Sales.

Smart businesses now integrate themselves in the customer’s research phase and generate a ton of data on them before they ever reach out on an individual level. Sales can learn from this. By understanding the content that’s hooking the customer, sales can tailor its message to seamlessly flow from what the customer has already experienced.

Listen and Adapt Based on Marketing's Insights

Marketing can also inform Sales of where the specific customers might be in their buyer’s journeys. That’s going to allow Sales to make better decisions about not only how to approach them, but when, and how often.

In the best cases, Marketing’s already got the customer ready to talk. The customer may have indicated that they’re ready to sit down in person or pick up the phone and talk direct to a salesperson. If so, that’s awesome! Marketing’s done, and it’s now up to Sales to close it.

Keep Sales and Marketing Aligned all Through the Sale

But don’t get lazy! Take the time to properly prepare. If you know the customer’s read specific resources, give them another read over and have them open and ready so you can refer to something they’re familiar with if needed. If they fit into a persona Marketing’s identified, be aware of the pain points they’re likely to suffer from and emphasize how your product or service addresses them.

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Above all, it’s about building trust with the customer rather than trying to rush them to signing a deal. Take the time to really understand what they’re trying to do, identifying how — or even, if — you’re able to help, and become a trusted resource.

It’s the trust that will lead to the sale, and keep the customer happy, successful, and returning.

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