How to Hire the Best Team for Business Growth

People are different

We know this about ourselves and we understand that we each bring different experiences, lessons, and talents with us to work. It’s not to suggest that any certain skill set is in any way more valuable or desirable within an organization or more likely to come forward with viable growth strategies.

Each employee, even the frustrating ones, can still add value to your business if you can help them do their job in the way that suits them as an individual.

Ways to help your team work at its best

Consider for a moment this purely rhetorical question: is it better to have a team that excels in a single area, or a team of individuals that each excels in their own area of expertise?

The answer is clear, diversity is better, yet often this is not reflected in our hiring practices. Some employers will remain biased and seek to hire people who are similar to the current all-stars on their team. This practice can work, yet inevitably, continuously hiring people who are strong in only area (i.e. sales) may not yield the best results for your organization.

What makes an employee great?

It’s been suggested that, as you an employer, you are looking to hire “James Bond.” You want someone who is confident, capable, and cool under pressure.

The lifelong process of assuming responsibility and gaining new experiences and insights is how the most valuable employees come to exist. They don’t just walk in off the street, (or out of University). It takes time.

Great employees are made — not born

As an employer, you can accelerate this process by using an intensive, staged interview process to ensure that you’re hiring well-rounded people that will grow with your company.

Then provide your employees with access to training materials to encourage them to always seek out new ways of completing old tasks. Because remaining ‘good enough’ is no longer good enough.

Foster a work culture that values working smarter — over working harder

Trust your people.

Your employees will respond to the amount of autonomy and influence they have over their work. And no, giving them more money is not the answer (necessarily).

The anti-social behaviour that is correlated to a large disparity in pay would actually be counter-productive to the inbound marketing strategy. You will need your people to be relatable, and to be human, in all client interactions for your business to be successful online.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”
- Albert Einstein

Instead, try to motivate your employees by capturing their imagination and catering the work to their personal strengths.

Make the tasks that need to done into a ‘labour of love’ that the employee is proud to be a part of. The outcome for the customer, the employee, and the business will be far more positive.

Your people will rise and fall in confidence and ability in relation to their position. If they are treated akin to children and recieve close supervision, they will likely, (subconciously) lower themselves to that role and behave as if they have no responsibilites. Which is partly true.

However, if you give your good employees responsibility and respect, they will perform better.

The people that you hire to achieve your busines goals are real people. Just like you, your employees want the ability to take real ownership of their work and they want to experience real pride when the job is completed.