How to do Custom Reporting on MSP and VAR Lines of Business?

Your marketing and sales dashboards need to display numbers that matter to you. Not just vanity metrics. This means reporting on your most requested MSP services, like managed cloud solutions, network assessments, or backup and disaster recovery.

Our team has worked with savvy MSP and VAR CEOs that know what they want to achieve, but they know they can’t do it alone. The biggest problem with growth marketing for Managed Service Providers is that there isn’t enough time to do everything. (And, there often isn’t enough meaningful data to make the best decisions on where to focus your efforts).

It is certainly possible to reach even your most ambitious targets, but you need to use your time wisely. Putting energy into initiatives that are not proven to work can be a significant drain on your Inbound marketing and sales performance.

The internet is saturated. Your MSP or VAR needs to stand-out, and this is (literally) getting more difficult each day. And no, spending more money on ads is not the only answer to attracting the leads you need online. If this has been your only fallback tactic, we strongly recommend you read up on how pillar page content strategies work. Applying this strategy is free and the search value is permanent, (unlike paid ads). 

Now, how does custom reporting differ from the default dashboard reports? 

default HubSpot dashboard reports

The default dashboard is really great for letting you know if your holistic marketing efforts are working. However, these reports are simply too broad to provide meaningful data on what activities are working and what services are the most popular (i.e. profitable).

Ensure that your HubSpot dashboard is reporting on the things that matter most to your business.

First, collect better data. This means that you need to be including a multiple select property that captures the main services that your business offers. Ideally, this form would be placed on a page to book a consultation. Try to capture the industry and current solutions/software that the contact is currently using. This will help to identify how your team can best help, and also where you should focus additional marketing efforts. The data doesn’t lie.

 Custom Reporting on MSP Lines of Business Custom HubSpot Reporting Dashboard

Naturally, the best part of custom reporting is that it can be customized to what your business needs.

The reports below revealed something that our team (and the client) didn’t know at first. After running multiple campaigns based-on their service offerings, we found out that their biggest persona is actually the non-profit sector. Now we have a new campaign concept. And, we can be confident it will work because we already know who these leads are, what they have tried in the past, and what they are interested in learning more about.

Any Metric That Can Be Measured Can Be Improved.

 Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 1.58.21 PM

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 1.59.19 PM

As growth marketers, we fight against stagnation by always focussing on streamlining the buyer's journey to maximize rapid scaling of the most profitable services.

Whether you are selling managed IT services or complex energy solutions, you must not waste time guessing at what your biggest markets are. Instead, focus your time on high-impact activities in high volume markets.

This means that MSPs need to be focusing on more than just the details of their services. B2B business selling their services online need to be creating a seamless user experience. And, then seamlessly handing these leads off to your sales team to follow-up with.

Once you have some baseline data established, start to set goals and communicate results. Make it clear that testing is required to identify what is working and what isn’t. Custom B2B sales reporting allows you to report on the things that matter most to your business.

Better reporting means better business decisions.

At Flawless, we’re not your agency – we’re your partner. If you are looking for proven techniques to improve your business profitability, our team has worked with over 70 B2B companies across different industries and we can help boost your business results online. 

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