How to Create Content That THRIVEs

We all know that content should be exciting and engaging, but basically every funny meme matches these criteria. Is that alone good enough? My answer: there's always room to improve! Here's a writer's take on it.

AdobeStock_169151045Here, at Flawless Inbound, our culture code is THRIVE. The idea behind it resonated with me so much (or is it because I caught "acronym love" cold?) that I decided to put it in a content creation perspective. I chose different words for the letters to stand for, so that the THRIVE framework can serve as a guide or checklist just for writers. Let's get this nerdy party started!

T – Thoughtful

The first thing you need to do before writing anything is asking yourself "Why?". Why do you want to share the story? Why do people need it? What is the value you are going to bring to the table? Therefore, making plans and outlines is essential. Think about the best way to present the information you want to cover and make sure it’s digestible – one main idea per blog post. 

H – Honest

If you keep the “T” in mind, this one won’t be a big deal. Being honest with your audience builds a connection based on trust. When you cover a topic in-depth, without trying to hide some details that might show you in the wrong light, your audience realizes that there is a person behind the words. Making mistakes is human. The question is whether you admit them and grow with them or pass by the chance and stagnate.  


R – Relatable

You selected a topic you want to develop and bring to your audience. You know why they need it. Now the question is how to deliver the main ideas in the best possible way.

The tools available to you are bountiful: infographics, images, gifs, bullet points, quotes, etc. Those are great for keeping readers engaged and involved, but it's more important to remember the reaction you aim at provoking. While reading your blog, people should, ideally, think "I know what you're talking about", "I've been there", and "That explains everything!" 

I – Insightful

Seventy million new posts appear every month on WordPress only. Even if you’re eager to create something new, statistically speaking, there must be someone who already had a similar idea.

A nice thing to remember is that your goal is not to get a Pulitzer Prize, but to convey your core message to the audience. No one wants to sound like a broken record, so what you can do is put the topic into your perspective. Adding personal insights and experiences is always effective since it lends that human touch to the content.    

V – Valid

I have to admit: I love facts and numbers. When I see statistics, my trust for the brand or resource skyrockets. But only if the whole story is well-rounded and fits into the bigger picture!

For example, if I see an online store claiming that they have 300.000 happy customers, but there are no reviews presented on the website, I doubt it’s legitimate. That said, if you choose to support your idea with facts and numbers, make sure they are accurate and easy to check. Anything else will backfire.

E – Enjoyable

It’s not about entertaining and having fun (although it never hurts). By enjoyable content I mean that you, as a writer, do your best to create a piece wherein the ideas are easy to follow, arguments are well-developed, and the goal is clear. If you add visuals that support the text – even better.   AdobeStock_392192297

That's the Flawless recipe to THRIVE as a writer. Next time you sit down to write a blog or an email, keep this framework in mind.

We'll be happy to hear how it worked for you!