How To Choose the Perfect HubSpot Integrations

In 2018, HubSpot made the decision to move from a product to a platform, empowering you to connect HubSpot to multiple integrations in a couple of clicks. Now HubSpot users can enjoy numerous ways to interact with customers and keep track of everything. An important note here: these integrations would depend on the license you have for each of them and for HubSpot itself. Since the number of martech start-ups and applications grows, it can be hard to find exactly what you want and assess your individual need for a specific integration. Let’s have a look at points to think about before setting up an integration.


Why use Integrations? 

Integrations help you create a personalized and customized platform. If you want a specific functionality that does not exist within HubSpot, an integration will let you have it. Integrations also allow you to use all the functions and features you want on one platform for tracking purposes. And lastly, you can bring together previously separate functions. For example, if you are using applications in parallel and would like to merge different sections, integrations can help you do that. 

What need are you trying to address with this integration?

Like any other product, integrations are marketed. Sometimes the described functions might sound like something you think you need, but the fundamental question is what needs it caters to and what issues you can solve with any given integration.

First of all, outline your project needs and look at the available tools you can use to achieve your goal. Integrations are wonderful, but they’re time-consuming, so each step should be well planned. At Flawless, we can help you identify if what you need can be done without an integration. Otherwise, we can offer you the best fit for your purposes. AdobeStock_306636176

Available integrations for HubSpot and how to find them

If HubSpot is the central platform you use for sales and marketing, hooking up integrations that are already part of the platform is reasonable. Don’t worry: HubSpot is continually looking for new partners, so chances are good there's an integration fitting your needs.

What’s more, there are probably several of them with some slight variations, and here’s where Flawless can help you with knowledge of the nuances. 

Integrations and API (Application Programming Interface)

As we’ve already said, integrations are of various kinds and "flavours." They also come with licenses and subscription types, making it even more difficult to see through the jungle of options.

Let's say you've found the perfect solution for your needs, but the integration part just isn't working. What to do? Some platforms understand the importance of partnering or integrating with other applications but may lack the resources. This is when APIs come into use. APIs let you integrate two applications that don’t have native integrations set up. You'll probably need a professional partner for the development, but it doesn't get more custom than this!


Popular Integrations

Let's talk about the most popular integrations for a second: each category (advertising, data analysis, e-commerce, content integrations) has its own stars. These are our Flawless favourites that we see and work with every day: 

  • HubSpot and SalesForce – to maintain consistency between Marketing and Sales teams.
  • HubSpot and Vidyard – to gather powerful insights about your audience basing on how they watch videos.
  • HubSpot and Email (Outlook or Gmail) – to see all necessary CRM details without leaving your inbox.
  • HubSpot and WordPress – to manage all the amazing content you're building.
  • HubSpot and Shopify – to sync your eCommerce pipeline.

How can Flawless help?

While HubSpot has native integrations or a public API that can be used to make two applications exchange data, it’s still a multifaceted, highly complex platform. With our experience, we know the best practice rules to keep in mind when integrating data engines and we can help you steer clear of accidentally hooking up the wrong ones.

 Feel free to reach out to us to learn more and get a seamless integration experience.