How to Achieve Those Hard to Reach 2016 Sales Numbers

Ken LeBlanc is a busy man. As the Sales Director for a tech company, he's tasked with hitting huge sales targets—something he doesn't think may be possible at the rate his team is going. Afternoons are the worst for some reason. This point in the day seems to be when everything comes to a boil: marketing isn't communicating with sales (or vice versa), questions lead to problems, and nothing gets done. Without CRM software, he starts to see his sales targets fading in the distance.

Why are Those Sales Numbers out of Reach?

He thinks hard for a moment and tries to strategize. What's working? What isn't? What can I do to turn these number around? Ken smiles at his sudden lightbulb moment. His sales team is currently using CRM software that could be better. Some sales reps have voiced their displeasure in the platform, stating it isn't user-friendly and produces reports that leave something to be desired. New CRM software could be just the thing his team needs. Keeping better track of deals and opportunities that need additional nurturing will definitely help with those sales targets.

Does this sound like you and your team? Are you Ken LeBlanc reincarnate? Have you been searching far and wide for CRM software that will meet your needs and increase your sales? What you need to realize is that HubSpot CRM is your answer! (Cue the singing angels and birds). While other Sales Managers and teams struggle to find accurate and easy CRM software (if they're even using CRM software), you can blow right past them.

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The CRM Software for Your Team

Using CRM software has never been this easy. HubSpot CRM was designed with user efficiency in mind. This particular software allows for sales and marketing teams to learn on the go in minutes instead of months. Learning curves are greatly reduced here; valuable time doesn't have to be wasted learning a new tool. Team members can focus on selling instead of learning. HubSpot CRM also adapts to all your processes and requires zero assistance from your IT department. Forget about waiting hours for answers. It won't slow down you or your team, and it's fully customizable to suit your preferences and needs.

HubSpot CRM provides additional perks to its many users. The software allows users to see their entire pipeline at a single glance. No longer will you have to visit multiple places to gather bits and pieces of the progress of your business funnel. Sales efficiency will skyrocket due to less wasted time and effort. Both marketing and sales can pin point and observe deals at any given point in time, from initial customer contact to closing the deal to any progress along the way. Is there specific information you are consistently trying to look for? Create filters and sort deals by name, owner, stage, or amount in no time. 

According to Carah C., a HubSpot CRM user, her sales and marketing team love the software and give it five out of five stars. "The CRM has allowed us to easily look at the timeline of contacts, as well as find prospects with the prospect tool. And there's no need for us to try and navigate a clunky system for just those simple uses." Not only do they appreciate its ease of use, but it also makes them more efficient.

Sales and marketing can also see the communication history of every deal in one location. Emails, meetings, calls, and notes can be seen at once instead of using multiple platforms. Sales can tell when marketing has contacted the lead, and marketing can observe sales efforts to produce a customer. This bonus of the software allows everyone to see the start, middle, and end of relationships with potential clients. Users can also sync HubSpot CRM with Gmail, Outlooks, or HubSpot Sales to immediately log communication activity.

Is it possible for HubSpot CRM to get better? Yes, yes it can. For your convenience, this software lets you follow up from right inside the platform. By using one screen, you can send emails, manage tasks, and schedule meetings without hopping between multiple browsers. In doing so, you maintain your focus and work flow, easily staying on top of things.

CRM is a useful tool for any sales and marketing team because it collects useful information in a central spot. HubSpot CRM is particularly beneficial for sales goals because it is user-friendly. It also lets users view entire pipelines, evaluate and log communication efforts, and respond promptly. Essentially, this CRM software closes the loop on marketing methods by providing information to assist buyers on various stages of their buyer journeys.

We at Flawless Inbound have helped many SaaS/MSP/Technology clients successfully implement the HUBSPOT CRM/ Marketing automation tool for their organizations. Instead of taking six months to have it up and running, we can get the whole system running and train your team in two months. For further information, you can contact Flawless Inbound on our website.