How Sales and Marketing Alignment Drives Growth for B2B SaaS Companies

What kinds of things are impacting your B2B SaaS company’s ability to grow? Could it be that:

  • you suddenly have a lot more competition,
  • your competition is growing a lot stronger,
  • your sales cycle is getting much longer lately,
  • you’ve been struggling to find leads who even want to speak with your sales team? 

Are any of the above challenges sounding accurate to you? If so — you’re not alone. The world of sales and marketing for B2B organizations is changing, and plenty of companies are facing new challenges in attempting to meet their numbers for 2019. As a SaaS organization, there is a lot of opportunity for you to achieve substantial revenue growth this year and beyond. You just have to implement the right method.

The Potential of B2B SaaS Companies

As a whole, SaaS companies have had huge success in the past decade or so. As technology advances, so do the abilities and functionalities of software. In particular, B2B SaaS companies have been able to effectively disrupt the way many companies do business with everything from scheduling, to reporting, to asset tracking, and more going digital.

With more and more companies searching for a digital solution, your potential customer base is continuing to grow — the only thing you need now is a way to turn all those potentials into customers.

The Issue with Today’s B2B Buyer 

Of course, you can implement the latest, most innovative marketing strategies and technology (in fact, we recommend you do that) in order to boost your lead-gen. But it doesn’t matter how many leads you collect, if you don’t have a streamlined, effective sales process to follow, you won’t make the sale.

Today’s buyers, even in the B2B industry, are looking a smooth process from start to finish. They want everything, from the day they first visit your website, to the final contract-signing meeting with a sales person, to match. With so many options for SaaS partners out there, it doesn’t take much to turn prospect off of your product. So it’s entirely likely that a marketing message that doesn’t match the sales follow-up message could lose you the lead.

The Solution? Sales and Marketing Alignment.

It might sound fairly simple, but it’s not just about having your sales team say the same things as your Google ads. In fact, the SaaS companies with the most successful B2B sales strategies have their sales and marketing aligned from keywords, to content, to lead capture, to CRM, to goal-setting, and more. These companies don’t view alignment as a one-way street either. That means it isn’t up to either team (sales or marketing) to tell the other exactly what to do, it’s a collaborative project that requires lots of communication and teamwork.  And it’s worth it.

Any business that takes the appropriate steps to align their sales and marketing processes and messages is pretty much guaranteed to see results. But, in the B2B SaaS industry, where the number of both potential buyers is huge, and the number of competitors is almost as high, this is an even more critical activity if you want to achieve business and revenue growth. We’ve already seen this kind of strategy work for the industry, like with CMMS company Maintenance Care.

What sort of results will you start seeing? Things like:

  • Higher quality leads
  • An improved lead-qualification/lead-scoring system
  • Increased Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)
  • Fewer “lost” prospects

And we all know that these will lead to:

  • More Customers
  • Revenue Growth
  • Business Growth

Heading: Get Started Seeing Results

Interested in making sales and marketing alignment work for your B2B SaaS company? The first step is simple: connect your teams. You can’t align your sales and marketing teams if the people themselves aren’t connecting. Then it’s time to get everyone working together to build a process.

At Flawless, we’re there to help you achieve this every step of the way. We’re not an agency — we’re a partner. That means we’ll work closely with your sales and marketing team (which includes us) to build an aligned process, coach you and your team, provide materials and advice, and much more. Give us a shout today – we’re ready to get started growing your B2B SaaS company!