Hiring a Marketing Department or Partner with a Digital Marketing Company?

When you’re moving up from a small to a medium size company — or just want to expand your business — this is the question that often comes up: 

Should you hire in-house marketing talent… or should you work with a company that specializes in marketing?

Let’s Look at Hiring a Marketing Department

Hiring a marketing department can seem attractive. You have your own staff, working full-time just for you, and they’re always accessible. But there are some significant downsides.

  • Hiring the right people is a time-consuming task
  • Internal team members could get diverted from their on-paper responsibilities
  • It can be hard to cover all the technological bases with your own small team

Building a top-performing marketing team is more than simply hiring a handful of experienced individuals. You need the HR overhead to know how to put a team together — and then you have to pay the full cost of these individuals.

You’re also unlikely to find a smaller number of people with deep knowledge across branding, hosting, responsive web design, CRM, SEO, SEM, social media, digital advertising, content creation, and so on. If you don’t have an enormous budget, the reality is that you’ll have to make sacrifices on the level of expertise you’re able to acquire.

At the end of the day, you’re good at your business. And the more you’re taken away from your core responsibilities to oversee and lead an entirely new department, the less you’re able to dedicate to evaluating what is and isn’t working in your business.

Finally, if the situation is that the leads simply aren’t coming after you’ve already sunk all these resources into a marketing department, it’s going to be difficult and costly to change direction and correct course.

Advantages of Partnering with a Digital Marketing Company to Grow Your Business

Rather than hiring your own staff, you can partner with a digital marketing company. Why? Many reasons.

Access To Experience

A marketing company comes to you with experience and proven teams. They’re at the top of their game, they’ve done this all before, and they already have the resources to do it again.

Their outside perspective can give you a clearer understanding of your goals, and help identify when your strategy needs to change in response to fast-changing business dynamics.

They’re Driven to Succeed Because Your Success Is Their Success

A digital marketing company knows that their success depends on your success. They won’t let complacency take over and will commit themselves to increase your leads and your revenue.

They’ll already have a strategy ready to optimize that helps leads convert from visitor to customer through educational websites, landing pages, and blogs.

Digital Marketing Companies Bring the Latest Innovations

In order to compete, marketing companies are forced to stay on top of marketing trends and news. They’re up-to-date on new technology and are well-positioned to know whether it’s worth implementing these new advances.

They’re coming full of ideas based on what’s already worked in the past as well as what’s likely to succeed in the future based on changing customer trends and come with a clear ROI equation.

Finally, A Marketing Company is Often Less Expensive

Because they retain a diverse set of skilled employees, you’re able to partner with marketing companies for less. If you only need 10 hours of SEO per week, you don’t have to hire a full-time SEO specialist — you arrange your partnership according to your needs.

You’re able to exploit significant efficiencies and drive your overall cost down with a marketing company — all while getting better results.

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