Here's to You, 2019!

It's been a year at Flawless Inbound! We dived into 2019 with the intention of stepping it up and we think we've pulled it off. Here's a recap of what we've been up to:

A Brand New Website

Here's what our site looked like in 2018:

And here we are after an extensive redesign this year:

And that's just the front page. Throughout our site, we updated design, layout and content to better serve our readers. We're a lot more navigable now, and you can access plenty of content all within a few clicks. We also:

A Whole Lot More Events And Webinars

We get it. People like being places and watching stuff. You don't always want to read a blog post or an email. So, we've been hard at work sharing our expertise any other way we can think of.


This year saw four successful Edmonton events — plus three in Vancouver! We've found taking our show on the road for marketers, sales managers, and CEOs in-person has been a great way of connecting and engaging with our local business communities. We've even been lucky enough to host some of our clients as speakers during these events, allowing attendees to hear from actual HubSpot users about how the platform has helped them grow.

Meanwhile, we hosted 9 webinars this year, exploring a diverse variety of topics. We've been able to showcase our talented team — from conversational marketing to SEO to lead nurturing campaigns. And each one of them is available to watch any time!

Demonstrating Company Culture

We think it's super important to have a good company culture and live it. This year, we spent a good deal of time helping our team get to know each other and each other's skills through what we fondly describe as Mandatory Fun. Here's a few examples:

Barbecue in the Park!

Barbecue in the park

Cookie Day!

Delicious cookie

Filming a Holiday Video!

Video filming

Second Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest!

PumpkinsPet Day!


Giving Back

This year, we also engaged in a little corporate social responsibility. We sent several staff members to Ronald McDonald House to help prepare meals.

Ronald McDonald House

Staff Development

We're always looking to help our staff grow their skills. This year, we sent Erika to INBOUND, where learned about the latest developments in marketing automation — and brought them back to share with our team so we're all up-to-speed on effective tactics.

slogan inbound

Looking Ahead to 2020

What's in the future for us? A whole lot, actually! We'll be taking a quick break over the holidays. But we'll be back with renewed energy, ready to kick off another year of applying the latest and best in marketing and automation.

Want to get in on that? Want this awesome team working for you? We've helped more than 90 B2B organizations across Canada and the US deploy effective, results-oriented tools and campaigns that rocket up their revenue. Find out more by getting in touch.