Growth Driven Design

HubSpot’s Inbound 2015 Conference

For many individuals, the thought of a website redesign can be a frightening proposition. There is almost no marketing element that can waste more money and time than website redesign projects.Making matters worse is that by the time the actual website design has finished, the content is already dated, and perhaps no longer relevant. The rest of the business’s components like sales and marketing evolve while the website falls further and further out of alignment. Yet still you carry on with a sub-standard website because the cost and frustration associated with making changes is too high.

For most sales organizations the traditional approach to web development is broken. But there’s good news: it doesn’t need to be that way. A new approach to web development has been discovered, and it can eliminate these frustrations, and enable organizations to utilize their website to drive faster sales.

Luke Summerfield of HubSpot calls this approach growth driven web design. Summerfield points out that traditional web design is both costly and not particularly timely.

Growth driven web design is built upon a process where you continuously adjust, refine and evolve your website based upon:

  • Actual data to support what’s working and what’s not working.
  • Enhancing conversion paths.
  • The evolution of your messaging and overall go-to-market approach.

With growth driven design, rather than planning to do everything at one time, you focus on iterations, or small adjustments, that are shorter in term, less risky and less costly.

Since this technique makes it easier to test things and utilize data to drive each iteration, you make much more progress and in less time than you would with traditional approaches.

The elasticity built into this approach ensures that the most important weapon in your sales and marketing arsenal is always working cohesively with the larger strategy and approach. (