Welcome to The World’s First Marketing Cloud for Blockchain: LydianCoin

As you already know by now, at Flawless Inbound we never sleep.

My team and I are always researching new innovation, proven B2B Marketing frameworks, and technology platforms for our customers across the globe. 

One of the key focuses for Flawless in 2018 is helping our clients understand the reality of the digital advertising industry; what is true and what is false.

As we all know, the digital advertising ecosystem is far from perfect.  Plagued by inefficiencies starting with ad fraud, rent-charging intermediaries that add dubious value, defensive user/customer behaviours prompted by negative user experiences, malware, and the simple lack of transparency, makes the digital advertising experience is increasingly frustrating for both advertisers and consumers. The pop up-world is back!

As we all know, the worldwide digital marketing expenditures are expected to exceed $230 billion in 2017, eclipsing global spend on television advertising for the first time.

I was very fortunate recently to interview the Founder and CEO of Gravity4. A “Die Hard Entrepreneur” Gurbaksh Singh Chahal.

Just to give you an idea about him, he was born in 1982, and by the time he was 25 years of age, Gurbaksh had established two fruitful and flourishing start-up businesses in the area of Internet advertising. The two successful online ads companies Chahal founded are BlueLithium and ClickAgents. He sold BlueLithium to Yahoo for a $300M. He has also launched two more companies in the online advertising industry earning him 11 patents from the USPTO. Awarded Enrst & Young Entrepreneur of Year and received an Honororary Doctorate degree from Pace University at 27. While being a successful business man, he’s also big beliver in giving back through his non-profit: http://www.chahalfoundation.org/

But what interested me even more was his new company Gravity4, which is his biggest company to date with hundreds of employees across the globe in 19 countries. It is the world’s first High-Frequency Marketing OS built to disrupt the advertising and SaaS industries. It allows marketers to target a customer throughout their entire purchase journey and across all consumer touch-points. The technology stack builds a consumer persona aggregating data across web, social, mobile, email, and CRM, all through a single click. This empowers agencies and marketers to connect disparate data and optimize a manually-driven $230 billion global advertising market. And, which is expected to rise up to $420 billion by 2022.

Gurbaksh was kind enough to help me understand this new market that every CMO is about to step into it.  

Let’s put it this way, I will assume everyone understands what Blockchain is today, and also that most are struggling to capture the true ROI of their advertising budget.

What if we say we are about to figure out a way to address this challenge?

As Gurbaksh explained, Juniper Research estimated, 19% of online ad revenue will be lost to ad blockers by 2022, even if the industry goes to $420 billion.

What if we had an AI platform that was already trained by a “Deep Learning Neural Network” working with major advertising platforms globally with the following mission:  

  • Enable Cognitive Advertising
  • Implement Ad Fraud Detection strategies
  • Empower publishers to increase CPMs by utilizing acquired data such as Geolocation, Browsing Cookies, and Cross Device Identification to provide end-user highly tailored digital ads

This is a very high level summary of what the Gravity4’s technologies are capable of powered by Mona Lisa AI.

So why do we need this now?

  1. High computing power
  2. Data mining and data analytics ability
  3. Cheaper Internet connectivity & Cloud adoption
  4. Mature market

This was the main driver for Mona Lisa “A.I.” to transcend and add value to publisher CPMs and provide transparency for brands.

To add further innovation, Gravity4 formally launched LydianCoin, its blockchain division.

I was actually on their Lydian Telegram channel last night and somebody posted this on whether this Lydian would succeed? Somebody answered, “If your asking if this project is going to be a success, you have to believe in the vision and the team behind it. Let me ask a question for you, assuming you have have read the whitepaper. The CEO dropped out of high school at 16, sold his first company for $40 million, 3 months after he turned 18. Started his second company at 21, sold BlueLithium to Yahoo for $300 million. Started RadiumOne where he has 11 patents for developing ShareGraph. Got his honorary doctorate degree at 27 from Pace University. Now is the Founder of Gravity4 and Lydian at the age 35. As well as, his own non-profit www.chahalfoundation.org. Now ask yourself, how many lifetimes would it take the average ICO entrepreneur to do all that?” You can also join the Telegram channel at: https://t.me/LydianCoins

LydanCoin is the first utility token that incorporates the Mona Lisa A.I. platform Adoption for blockchain brands. I asked Gurbaksh about the LydianCoin and how it would play with the Mona Lisa platform. He said, Lydian brings full transparency to the Blockchain. This makes investments in digital advertising more efficient in more ways you can imagine.b2b marketing services

We went deeper in our conversation, so we will be writing a series of articles around the first marketing Cloud that incorporates an A.I. engine with an integrated stack and how the LydianCoin that will coexist with it.

Juniper research also predicted that nearly 75% of all delivered digital ads will use AI as a means of user targeting in 2022. Once you understand how Lydian’s new products MonaChain and MonaBrowse will affect the industrities, you’ll see how this 4-time entrepreneur, just put checkmate to this game.

Stay tuned, as we will go deeper into the journey of how Lydian and how Mona Lisa A.I. will join forces to help transform the digital advertising economy.

If you have been following the industry, this wasn’t possible before, for the following reasons.