Going Beyond A Great Website and SEO: The 5 HubSpot Tools That Drive B2B Revenue

When we meet with our clients, on our very first onboarding call, they always say one thing.

"Hey guys, we already have a great website. We just spent money on branding and storytelling. We spent a lot on SEO and Google Ads. We've seen a great increase in traffic but zero results when it comes to increasing the number of sales conversations or helping the sales team close deals.

"So how can Flawless Inbound help our Marketing and Sales teams produce that revenue-driving activity?"

First, we ask them to breath 😀.

Then we begin explaining the process should work. There are five critical HubSpot tools B2B organizations often neglect that make all the difference.

Hubspot Marketing Tool #1: Segmentation

Segmenting your prospects by various relevant criteria is a critical part of our successful revenue-driven marketing and lead generation efforts. Different personas have different triggers that cause them to engage with your organization.

The Flawless inbound team will segment your persona lists to tailor your message and approach each contact most effectively.

HubSpot makes it easy for us to segment your lead/prospect database and keep it up-to-date. This is all done with the “Lists” tool. The lists are created by adding or collecting contact properties to and from the user. Because these can be custom created and/or pulled from other systems, the options are nearly endless.

Here are some examples of our creative segmenting for prospect lists:

  • Communication preference: e-mail, mail, phone, etc.
  • How influential your prospect is on social media — this can be done based on follower counts and API access into social tools like Twitter
  • Segment based on common triggers that spark a prospect's interest
  • Prospect Score — we use HubSpot to setup lead scoring, then create criteria such as deal size, frequency, website visits, etc. to score each deal opportunity
  • Frequency of engagement
  • Campaign or events such as trade shows, speaking events, webinars, live interviews, or company or industry events
  • Size of deal

HubSpot Marketing Tool #2: Persona Workflows

We find that the workflow tool is probably one of the most powerful tools in the HubSpot toolset. The workflow tool makes all of your marketing automation happen. Your Flawless Inbound team can automatically send out emails, change contact properties, organize personas into lists — and much more. These workflows are typically set up to target specific market-segmented lists.

Inbound Workflow Examples:

Here are a few examples of some creative workflows that we use for our MSP/VAR and Technology/SaaS clients that boost marketing efforts and overall results.


IF: A previous persona returns to the website for more, or views a specific page on the website

THEN: We automatically send them a follow up email to encourage them to engage more with more meaningful marketing offers again, or inform them of our current and future webinars, workshops, or trade shows that the company will be attending.


IF: A previous lead views any of our upcoming events, such as webinars, breakfast meetings, trade shows, or lunch & learns

THEN: We send them a personalized invitation to attend the event 


IF: A prospect in our system visits a specific webpage from a bulk e-mail, but does not follow-through on the engagement

THEN: We notify your sales team for a phone call follow-up


IF: The contact has historically bought every six months, but hasn't engaged in any new sales activities in the previous six months

THEN: We send them an email and notify your team to send them an online information package about new services or new software or marketing pages that might entice them back


IF: Someone starts engaging with a sales process with your team but does not complete the transaction and never visits the Thank You page

THEN: We enroll them in a short series of automated emails to encourage them to come back and complete their conversation with your sales team. We also notify your sales team to follow-up with a phone call.


Is there anything cool that you can design with these tools?

HubSpot Marketing Tool #3: Tailored, Smart Content

The second most powerful tool within HubSpot, in our opinion, is the “Smart Content” feature. This will allow our content team to dynamically change the content, messaging, images and videos based on which segmented list a visitor sits within.

You get content that speaks to people on a more personal level every time.

HubSpot Marketing Tool #4: Social Inbox

Once we have your contacts (visitors, leads, prospects, e-mail subscribers, etc.) segmented in HubSpot, we pull those segmented lists into the “Social Inbox” tool. This is where we manage all of your social media interactions.

These segmented lists will be pulled into their own stream where your Flawless inbound team will see all the social media activity of those users in that list.

This allows us to very easily interact, engage and build relationships with all those key contacts in your contact database. We create lists based on various campaigns they engaged with, events they attended, or even based on pages they've viewed on your site.

Additionally, we setup alerts for each stream for whenever one of those contacts makes a social media post that has a specific keyword or mention of your organization. We can then easily engage that user about their post.

Partnering with Flawless Inbound will allow you a solid social media engagement strategy even with limited resources and staff. Because it’s all integrated into one platform, you can directly tie your social media efforts into the impact it has on leads and influencers.

HubSpot Marketing Tool #5: Target List Prospecting Tool

The last useful marketing tool that we use in HubSpot that I'll talk about today is their prospecting tool. This shows us the names and information of all the businesses visiting your website.

It essentially hands us a list of the top businesses visiting your website on a regular basis. This information can be extremely valuable for your target list outreach program. Because we know someone from their business has visited our website and is familiar with your organization, there is a much higher chance they would be interested in learning more about how they can get involved.

You can contact them with invitations to events or to learn more based on what you know about the business and what they're visiting your website for.

How does Flawless Inbound use Revenue-Driven Marketing to Drive B2B Companies' Growth?

We truly feel that all of these tools were created with the revenue-driven marketing team in mind! We manage and run everything from HubSpot’s backend interface and provide the best results for all our B2B and B2C clients at an affordable price. We constantly adjust our playbook to adapt to market conditions, but you can expect us to additionally help with the following.


We increase your online presence and drive awareness for your organization and its mission using our first-in-class search engine optimization (SEO) tools, social media monitoring, and blogging platform.


We improve the size and quality of your constituent database by engaging and converting your most valuable visitors.


From inspiring advocacy, to generating donations and growing your membership base. We use data and on-site behaviour to segment your database, build more targeted email nurturing campaigns, and create compelling digital experiences.


We delight current constituents with personalized communications to boost retention and strengthen relationships. This helps build long-term networks of support and relationships that last beyond your initial business with clients.

Interested in learning more? Then I recommend reading about our Marketing Enablement, Sales Enablement, or Service Enablement processes. And remember, the key to true, sustainable growth is implementing all three in perfect synchronization!