Follow our advice to retain your marketing leads

Marketing is one of those skills that everyone thinks they’re good at. Naturally, there is a great deal of thought that goes into attracting, converting, and then retaining your sales leads. Yet, sometimes it is easy to think, "I watch TV, so I know what makes a good commercial. I see ads in magazines, so I know what makes a good print ad." 

You need all aspects of your Inbound Marketing working flawlessly if you want leads

Inbound marketing isn’t any different. Just about every day, people who have never executed a single inbound tactic share their opinions on what should be done to drive leads with inbound.

The result of this approach is an inbound marketing effort that's missing some of the key elements required to get leads from the program. The most important thing is to always watch your performance metrics. Don't guess.

"Our website is fine. We just did it last year, so run inbound with our existing website."

Your website is the cornerstone of your inbound program. You need every page to be SEO optimized. You need every page to tell a compelling, emotional story that connects with visitors. You need every page to have at least one offer to convert your visitors. And you need the site to load quickly on every type of device. The details do matter.

Don't ignore the fact that your website design might be strategically deficient in a number of areas. Your business needs to be communicating effectively to be successful. These small deficiencies are likely to have a significant impact on anyone’s ability to get you the leads you need to hit your revenue goals. If you become aware of something that could be improved on your website, try to make the changes immediatly.

Think about taking a more agile approach to the site. Improve it each month so that it gets better with time, rather than stagnate. Perhaps tackle SEO issues the first month, then re-visiting the on-site technical aspects, and then polish the content. Next month, maybe test some new messages or redesign the four most popular pages, giving visitors a more remarkable experience when they visit.

If your site gets better each month, you will get better results, too.