Dear Flawless — I have a Lot of Questions

Ever Googled the phrase "Marketing Advice 2019"? Chances are, if you’re the owner, CEO, or Marketing Manager of a B2B organization you’ve searched for something similar lately. It’s understandable, almost unavoidable, to seek out advice in keeping up with the modern world of sales and marketing. But is the great void of “the Internet” really the best expert to turn to for answers?  

The answer is no – it’s not. Why?  

Firstly, when you search for marketing advice online, you have to keep a close eye on where your answers are coming from. Double check the source of the answer – does it come from an experienced company with the results to prove their statements or from a clickbait blog? You need to make sure you’re getting advice from someone who knows what they’re doing.

Secondly, and most importantly, no matter how expert your sources are, if you’re reading blog posts or articles online, you’re not getting personalized advice. Sure, there’s a lot of really great general advice out there that can make a big difference in your sales and marketing efforts (we have it on our blog too). But, if you want to rise above the noise of your competition to achieve exponential growth, you need your questions answered with your actual company in mind.  

Why Does it Have to Be So Personal?

The modern buyer – yes, even the B2B kind – is looking for highly personalized content and resources when they come to your company looking for information. They’re coming to your site not to buy something right away, but to do their research and find out exactly why your product or service is going to work for them and their individual challenges.  

In the age of endless competition, there are a lot of businesses that sell the right thing. You need to convince them that you sell the right thing for them. That means you need to be able to tailor your marketing and sales efforts to your exact buyer, not a generic B2B consumer. In turn, that means if you need help with, or advice on, certain aspects of the process, it also cannot be generic.  

So Where Can I Get the Right Answers?

Okay, so you need your marketing and sales advice to be specific and tailoredbut where can you get that? The best place to get qualified marketing and sales advice is from a company that does it professionally. With the right context, the professionals can offer you the wisdom and strategies you need to start growing your B2B organization right away 

Reach out to a company (it doesn’t have to be us – but we’d definitely appreciate it if it was!) to see if they’ll offer you some training, coaching, or just plain advice. Don’t be afraid to give lots of information because the more specifics they have for your business, the better they can tailor the information they send back.  

Not ready for the commitment of contacting a company directly just yet? We have a great solution for you!  

At Flawless, we found we were getting so many people reach out with questions about their B2B sales and marketing that it could feel like we were running an advice column. So we thought – why don’t we actually start one? And now we have!  

Dear Flawless will be a monthly advice-column blog post where we answer the real life B2B Sales and Marketing questions you have! All you have to do is submit your questions to us, and we’ll publish the answer (anonymously, of course) in our next post. Have a question on your mind already? Go ahead and submit it now to see the answer in May’s Dear Flawless column!