Content Marketing for IT Companies

Lead Generation and Informed Buyers

In the hyper-informed world of today’s buyer, the online marketing process must start with a very large pool of top-of-funnel leads. It is absolutely essential to generate as many leads as possible, and that means implementing programs such as webinars, social campaigns, and online ads.

It also means utilizing your word-of-mouth networks, and referrals. Although advertising undoubtedly influences a wide range of people, the actual impact that it has on the final buying decision is, in fact, minimal.

Conversely, word-of-mouth influences a much smaller percentage of people but has a definite impact on their purchase choice. Ultimately, both types of approaches should be working in unison to drive sales.

Creating Useful Content

Your IT marketing team should employ useful, informative and creative content that compels buyers to do something (like read another eBook, download a case study, complete an assessment, or pick up the phone). It is crucial to be able to measure the performance of this content. You must determine what is deemed to be useful, informative, and entertaining, and the end result will always be educational. The way that you plan, write and arrange content will establish whether or not people will be drawn to your material. This is only achievable if you have the correct processes in place.

Many marketers are currently creating content as part of their digital strategy but are unsure as to whether they are investing time and money in the right areas. Content marketing can be a confusing matter for small business owners that are not well versed in the subject. Without the proper training or guidance from a trusted source, they may find themselves wasting time doing things that just don’t matter, and ignoring things that do. This is why it is crucial to either invest the time in learning about proper content marketing practices, or to outsource an agency or firm that specializes in this process.

Please take the time to consider the following content marketing statistics:

  1. Nine out of ten, or 90% of B2B marketers in North America are using some form of content marketing. (Statetofinboundmarketing).
  2. 60% of them will use content marketing on a weekly basis. (Marketo).
  3. Over 41% of all marketers conclude that content marketing has a positive return on investment. (EMarketer).
  4. Whitepapers used to be the most popular form of content marketing; now 95% prefer shorter forms of communication. (DemandGenReport).
  5. 82% of prospects find that relevant content is the most useful to them. (DemandGenReport).