Best Practices to Deploy HubSpot — Your Secret Weapon

HubSpot CRM software is the leader in inbound marketing and sales software—your secret weapon to assist you with increasing revenue for your B2B organization. You know it will be great for your company, but you don't know where to start.

Deploying HubSpot in your work environment has never been easier; Flawless Inbound is here to help you with that. We have a successful game plan that showcases how exactly HubSpot software can help you reach your goals. Let's break the plan down.  

Initial Steps of HubSpot Deployment 

To familiarize yourself with the new software, Flawless Inbound holds a Game Plan Discovery meeting. During the meeting, many steps are outlined, and expectations are established. First, we chat about the roles and rules of engagement, basically what you can expect moving forward. Business definitions are clearly laid out, so everyone is on the same page when certain terms are referenced in the future. Customers and competition are next on the docket. We need to know what you're looking for and who else you're considering in the sales process to make you successful. We then analyze your company in its current state and identify areas for improvement and future opportunities to reach customers. Lastly, we focus on your ideal customers by creating detailed buyer personas.  

Buyer persona creation is of the utmost importance when trying to attract your ideal consumers. Buyer personas are fictional representations of your preferred customer, based on real data and some educated guesses about their demographics, goals, motivators, and behaviours. By exploring these characteristics, you can better tailor your content to them and where they are in their buyer journey. We recommend creating a maximum of three personas to focus on and rotate through.  

Content is King for B2B Organizations 

Flawless Inbound will then create an editorial calendar for your organization and its content marketing strategy. This calendar will distinguish what content (blog posts, etc.) will be published when and on what platform if multiple ones are to be used. HubSpot will be able to link to your blog, allowing us to publish the scheduled content upon your approval. HubSpot also gives us specific data, which helps us tailor your blog content for optimal exposure. If your organization is planning any specific events such as webinars or workshops, the editorial calendar will create a timeline for generating interest for your events ahead of schedule.  

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Similarly, we will also build upon your company's social media presence to attract the right customers. Timely information will be deployed related to your business, industry, pain points that your customers are currently experiencing, and solutions to those pain points. This information may include links to your created blog posts, event registrations, etc. Information will be posted on the social media channels you are currently using (i.e. FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn). 

Flawless Inbound will work to create a campaign for your B2B organization lasting 60 to 90 days. This campaign will focus on attracting your buyer personas through your social media presence and published content. HubSpot helps monitor this campaign by tracking visits to your website, landing pages, and social media. By creating SMART goals, we will also focus on all components of the business funnel—top, middle, and bottom. By the end of the campaign, you will see tangible results. Once the 90 days have come to an end, a strategy review will take place to determine what worked, what didn't, and what still needs to happen.   

Flawless Inbound can assist you with integrating HubSpot into your work environment. Not only will we help you create tailored buyer personas, but content that will speak to them and turn them into customers. HubSpot monitors the success of your campaign, including performance on your blog and social media channels, ultimately helping you increase your sales.